A different way to flat pack


These images might look familiar to anyone who made models as a kid. Remember how the pieces for your car or plane came in one panel so that you had to break the tabs to get each piece out. Now you can get your furniture like this too. Designer Keiji Ashizawa has made chairs and stools that come flat packed like a giant model car. The range is made from sheet metal and has an industrial look but is still very elegant and beautiful. The designs have an element of playfulness and user involvement in separating the pieces making it more fun to assemble than your average flat pack design. Plus it ensures you won’t loose any pieces. The best thing about this is how the design has turned a negative into a positive. Keiji Ashizawa has reduced costs by getting users to assemble the products however by leaving the pieces connected it turns it from a mundane and possibly annoying process into something fun and playful. Everyone’s a winner.

Via WebUrbanist

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