Acrylic Surface Finishes

Often when I’m searching the world of laser cut products it’s the metal products that seem to catch my eye. I believe this comes down to the finish, what can I say? I like shiny things! However there are problems with metal; it’s heavy, expensive, corrosive, has sharp edges, and most importantly it’s not a material that is currently available to you guys via Ponoko. However, acrylic is light, cheap, easy to work with, available and can look fantastic.


Some really cool effects can be created by sandwiching fabric between two layers of clear acrylic like from us with love do with their chair and side table (previously written about here). The piece of grey fabric makes a stunning carbon fibre like effect.


Photo 4 me prints directly onto acrylic which looks great. A similar effect could be created with paint or ink. Megan Ellis used a combination of ink and engraving to great effect with her Raya Bracelet. These techniques seem to enhance the beauty of the acrylic and I think result in more interesting and desirable products.

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