Flatpack Ready-to-Assemble House

Gregg Fleishman’s Flatpack House (TreeHugger)

Disaster House by Gregg Fleishmann
Ikea has proven that people love prefab flatpack furniture – for the convenience, ease of shipping and assembly, design, simplicity and price. Now you can have that same flatpack experience – but with a house. Architect and designer Gregg Fleishman from southern California has designed a flatpack Disaster House and Shelter System made of router-cut European sustainable birch plywood pieces that fit together like a 3D puzzle, requiring no nails, screws or glue. Although it needs some sort of rain cover, it’s still a very cool concept and design. It’s available through Swarm Studios for US$22,000 + tax including assembly.

This 14′ square house could provide the shelter needed for different occasions – for either emergency or fun reasons. Check out his “Playgoda”, a fun and cool option for keeping the kids busy in the backyard. No need to work with countless nails and screws to put the swingset/jungle gym together.

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2 Responses to “Flatpack Ready-to-Assemble House”

  1. Tim Norton Says:

    freakin awesome.

    That is a very cool smart idea. I’m hooked on portability with so many things in life, and i think the focus on making smething that can be stuck together quickly and easily helps promote super clean architecture, as you know you can’t glaze over a design flaw with something on the outside. Plus this just has inspiration written all over it, this is an ideas hut.

  2. Steven Says:

    An ideas hut, nice one Tim! Perhaps this is the new office space of the future. You could set one of these up in a beach carpark, or on the side of a mountain for a day and have it gone before the local authorities had a go at you. Or you could put it on the back of a trailer and get your team to turn up to work there. Now that’s how I’d like to work.