3D Printed Swirl Earrings

Ponoko Product of the Week

Just two days after announcing Ponoko’s addition of 3D printing to our digital making services, we are already seeing some 3D printed designs in the showroom.

This week’s product of the week is a pair of earrings with four stacked, swirling spheres designed by Helsinki based Pekka Salokannel.

They come 3D printed in durable white plastic for just $20.00. (Note: these earrings to not include the hardware hooks.)

Holiday Fibers Project — DIY Ornament Kits

Ponoko Product of the Week

Put your personal touch on these lasercut ornament kits using colorful yarns, ribbon, and tinsel.

Designer Karrie, aka Girl On the Rocks, gives fiber lovers their choice of:
• small ornament ball cross-stitch kit in bamboo & acrylic for $15;
• bamboo xmas tree cross-stitch kit for $17.50;
• and adorable sheep bobbin (yarn not included) for just $5!

Toy Soldiers and Tanks

Ponoko Product of the Week

Designer Jessica-Rose has created a set of toy soldiers who, at second glance, aren’t engaged in your typical Army action.

Standing around their tank which is laser engraved with a flower pattern, one man holds a laser cut teddy bear and bubbles pop out of the barrel of another man’s gun.

Army Men and Tanks” comes in classic green plastic as well as magenta felt and blonde bamboo. You can look but you can’t touch; these guys are on a secret mission and are not yet for sale.

the Not Lazy Susan (plus a brand new book on DIY mechanics!)

Ponoko Product of the Week

Sometimes it’s just too much hassle to ask someone to pass the salt or reach for it yourself. Thank goodness for Lazy Susans.

Making your own lazy susan cancels out the laziness of not reaching for the salt, hence the Not Lazy Susan.

And you can make one with this $13 tabletop and using the directions in Chapter of 10 of Dustyn Roberts’ book Making Things Move which comes out in December! Roberts’ book is sure to be awesome.

For a sample of her excellent tutorials, check out this How-To for Toothy Wheels.

Flatpack, Lasercut Dollhouse

Ponoko Product of the Week

I love this simple but perfect “Foldable Dollhouse” from Make Anything aka Katherine Belsey. The house structure is lasercut from 3mm hardboard and provides a blank canvas for 8 doll rooms.

But if you would rather have a fully-furnished, turnkey dollhouse, you can order the pop-up paper interior at MakePopUpCards.com

The lasercut house is available for $55 in MakeAnything’s Ponoko Showroom or download the structure plans for free.

The paper interior comes in the form of a book and is available HERE for $21.95. (10% off until Halloween! use coupon code HARVEST at checkout.)

Video Game Controller Bracelets

Ponoko Product of the Week

Remember those classic video game controller ornaments? Well, Digits designer Dave Rollins is revisiting his hit motif for his latest product: acrylic game controller bracelets. Even the links are made from lasercut acrylic.

Available now in the Ponoko Showroom for $35 in your choice of red tint, blue tint, black or white.

Kimono Fabric Bamboo Jewelry

Ponoko Product of the Week

Way back when the blog first started, back before you were born like three years ago, there was the Ponoko Product of the Week. And now we’re bringing it back!

We want to show off the awesome creations from Ponoko crafters, makers, doers, and shakers. For in-depth interviews with Ponoko makers be sure to check out our Maker Stories category. But for a quick bit of indie-made eye candy, re-introducing the Ponoko Product of the Week:

This week I want to share the latest designs from Freedom Creative. New Zealand based designer Emma combines kimono fabrics she picks outs from Cherry Blossom, and combines them with simple, lasercut bamboo shapes to make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. These designs will make their debut at Craft 2.0 in Wellington, NZ on 30 October 2010.

Wanna be featured in one of our Ponoko Product of the Week posts? Send the blog at ponoko dot com a big, beautiful picture of your Ponoko project. Or post it to your own blog and send out a tweet mentioning @Ponoko.

Narrow Bedside Table by Formatwork

Flatpack Furniture in the Ponoko Showroom

The Narrow Bedside Table by Formatwork is made from laser cut hardboard. There are two of every part. Besides the sides, each part is used uniquely. The slots at the rear of the table top and upper shelf originated as slots to fit the tabs of the vertical panel at the rear of the upper shelf. These T-shaped and L-shaped slots that run to the back of the table allow for organization of power cords such as an alarm clock and phone charger.
The Ponoko process would be really well suited for making other smaller furniture items such as stools, children’s furniture and hacks to existing furniture. If your first prototype is produced in cardboard instead of hardboard or poplar, the cost of any corrections needed is greatly reduced.

The Narrow Bedside table is one of the most inexpensive pieces of furniture currently in the Ponoko showroom which indicates an efficiency of design by Formatwork. This design is also a great example of the scale of furniture suitable to be produced using Ponoko suh as items like stools, childrens furniture and product hacks. Initial prototypes can also be made in cardboard to reduce the cost of the first iterations before making the final product in hardboard, MDF or veneerboard.

In Store: Valentine Gifts – Ponoko’s Top Picks


It’s been called a ‘manufactured holiday,’ but Valentine’s Day has legitimate roots. And honestly, what is worth celebrating more than love? This year, make it a digitally manufactured holiday and support an independent designer; below are my top ten picks for Valentine gifts from Ponoko’s showroom.

Alphabet Soup Necklace by taprobane aka Karen Hermon $20
This necklace spells p-e-r-f-e-c-t: sweet, simple, classic. And totally affordable.

TestTubed ‘TraditionSmishin’ Vase by Colin Francis $35
Flowers are lovely, but giving her a vase to put them in shows that you actually thought about it.


XOX Layer Ring by One-AM aka Juan A. Meridian $75–$110
The unique profile of each layer reveal the letters X and O (hugs and kisses) along the entire circumference of the ring when the pieces are accurately aligned. Who knew steel could be so sweet?

My Heart Is Free by hyperart aka Karen H $8
Valentine’s Day is not exclusively for girlfriends. This is a supercute charm for a cat! (I happen to know for a fact that cat accessories are very popular.)



In the showroom: Coasters

The humble coater is my new favourite object. I’ve never been interested in coasters before but I’ve been very impressed with the laser cut designs that have been produced lately. There are some awesome coasters available in the ponoko showroom right now. Alan Chao has obviously been influenced by his graphic design background producing the Type Coasters: coasters for the typophiliac.



Markus Long has also produced his vision of the coaster, inspired by fruit. Long says “These beautiful fruit inspired coasters come as a set of four. Inspired by orange, apple, kiwi and pineapple. You’ll enjoy the refreshing ambiance of nature in your home”.


Both the designs are functional, beautiful and unique. The great thing about these products is that because of their size they are very affordable and are easy to ship.

More coasters here