Nanocade retro gaming cabinet

Ponoko Product of the Week

Retro gaming is well and truly a passion for Danish maker Rasmus Sørensen. For some time, he has been building MAME cabinets… and his latest project has been receiving well-deserved acclaim far and wide.

The Nanocade is a “micro bar-top” unit specially designed to house a small computer or netbook with a 10 inch screen. Load up the system with your favourite ROMS, and you’ll soon be blazing away in authentic pixellated glory.

Rasmus is a learn-by-doing kind of guy, and he’s known for sharing his process with the retro gaming scene. Not only is the Nanocade available to purchase from the Ponoko Showroom, today we also feature a special interview to discover some of the mysteries behind this micro marvel.   (more…)

Roll Stamp Dispenser

Ponoko Product of the Week

Snail-mail is still very much a part of our lives, and it continues to be quite useful beyond the familiar function as a way for us to receive bills.

For those who send lots of mail, the little packet of roll stamps can be a regular frustration. The ribbon of stamps develops a mind of its own, unravelling into an unruly mess and taking over your stationary drawer.

Now you can take control thanks to Ponoko user Chris Lee, who has put together this nifty dispenser that separates your stamps from the ribbon backing with one smooth motion.

A neat solution that will streamline your mail-out process for only $9.99 from the Ponoko Showroom.

Prag-O-matic Roll Stamp Dispenser

Franklin Art Deco Lamp

Ponoko Product of the Week

The Franklin Art Deco Lamp has been nestled comfortably in the Ponoko Showroom for some time now.

Laser cut from black and clear acrylic, it uses the materials wonderfully with decorative edge details that lend an authentic historic personality to the piece. Ponoko user Sherman Warren has designed the Franklin to be equally stylish as a solo unit or as a matching pair of illuminated bookends.

Numbered lamps are available right now from the Ponoko Showroom in your favourite colour, so long as it’s black.

Less Waste!

Ponoko Product of the Week

Elevate your disposable plastic cups into something that resembles sophistication and style with the Less Waste! cup accessories.

Whether it’s a family bbq or your daily (hourly?) chitchat at the water cooler, Less Waste! will set you apart from the masses.

Also offered by Ponoko user FFspaces is the Less Waste 2! version that caters for those who prefer the form of a tall glass.

Add some elegance to your next picnic for only $10 per cup from the Ponoko Showroom.

Surfboard Rulers

Ponoko Product Of The Week

Ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to be a board shaper? Thanks to Ponoko user Yakas, here’s a tool to help get things started.

Clear and flexible, these rulers are laser etched with all the right numbers to mark dimensions for rail and fin placements, and there’s also a cutout for drawing in fin lines.

Available to purchase either as plans or laser cut by Ponoko from 0.5mm clear PETG; for almost half of what they’ll cost from your local surf store.

If you’re a surfer who wants to take a more hands-on approach to customized gear, grab yourself a set of guides from Yakas’ showroom.

Exclamation Lamp

Ponoko Product Of The Week

There are a few things that are pretty awesome about this lamp.

Not only is it the poster child for Ponoko’s new Personal Factory 4, it was also designed by none other than Dan Emery.

The files for this design can be downloaded (and customised) for free, and once you add in the making, materials and hardware costs you’ll still have plenty of change left from a $100 bill.


Ponoku anyone?

Ponoko Product of the Week

We start off the New Year with a Product Of The Week from Canadian maker DSculp.

Providing a solid workout for your grey matter, the aptly named Ponoku neatly transforms the familiar Sudoku numbers game into a wooden puzzle.

Files are available to purchase in the DSculp Showroom and he’ll even whip up a custom puzzle for you if you ask nicely.

Morphed Bracelet

Ponoko Product Of The Week

With Ponoko’s Personal Factory 4 now offering 3d printing services, things are becoming more and more interesting in the Ponoko Showroom.

This week we feature the Morphed Bracelet from design duo Nervous.
The organic cell-like structure is becoming a bit of a signature element for Jesse and Jessica, whose respective backgrounds in Mathematics and Biology (amongst other things) places them uniquely qualified to incorporate nature-inspired patterns into their eye-catching jewellery designs.

Available from the Ponoko Showroom in 3d printed Stainless Steel, the $120 Morphed Bracelet is a unique design that is sure to complement your own wrist’s angles, curves and indeed cells.

Taphill Tank Chassis

Ponoko Product Of The Week

When it comes to vehicles, you can’t get much tougher than a tank.

For the hobbyist who likes to do it tough, Ponoko user Wopwop (aka Dom) has provided plans to build a tank chassis that is a perfect fit for SparkFun’s Tamiya tank treads.

Combined with a 70168 under-slung double gearbox, this little beauty will be ready to tackle the roughest terrain.

We all know that a tank won’t go anywhere without a driver – and Dom has this covered too by including mounting holes for an Arduino Uno board as well as sparkfun’s li-poly charger.

The chassis can be reconfigured in a number of ways, to fit other gearboxes and different engine mounts. Add in some 3mm screws and you’ll soon be starting your own miniature invasion force.

Files for the Taphill Tank Chassis are only $5 from Wopwop’s showroom.

Perpetual Calendar

Ponoko Product Of The Week

Knowing where you are, and indeed when you are, is what this product is all about.

The Perpetual Calendar from LentaLabs is ingeniously simple in its operation and simply ingenious in its precision and construction.

To help you along, Russell has included a trusty mnemonic as well as a whimsical poem, which should keep your head on straight if the numbers start to overwhelm you.

The dates range from 1954 to 2065, which is fantastic both for time travellers and also teenagers who want to get invitations out early for their 70th birthday.

LentaLabs Perpetual Calendar is available in the Ponoko Showroom for $37.