Making Enclosures for Electronics with Ponoko

lasercut cases & enclosures from Ponoko customers

Digital fabrication and DIY electronics are a match made in hardware heaven. We are seeing more and more people use Ponoko to make custom, lasercut cases for their electronics.

One of our recent maker stories featured the SammichSID Synthesizer kit and another covered the Austere Hexahedron custom computer system. There was also the bamboo and acrylic Arduino case (plus tips for inking in laser-etchings).

Some of the latest electronics cases are being made for the Shruthi-1 (or Shruti. It seems to be called both for some reason). The Shrut(h)i is the first product offering from Mutable Instruments, creators of “the simplest synths that could possibly rock”.

There’s an entire forum category on the MI website dedicated to discussing enclosures and casings for the Shruthi/Shruti. Lots of great photos of these and more electro-cases, plus where to download the plans, and a great video from Make: showing you how to design your own enclosure, all after the jump!

Below is an enclosure recently posted by dngrin.

And here’s another Shruti-1 case recently made and tweeted by Jono Kane.

And here’s yet another Shruti-1 case by Hannes Pasqualini.

Some of these enclosures are available for sale and/or download in the Ponoko Showroom. Files for this case, shown below in white acrylic, are available HERE for free!

Files for the one below, shown in lasercut wood, are available HERE for just $5.

The FiveSquare LED Matrix is another supercool electronics project housed in a Ponoko lasercut case.

Got some circuit boards and wires of your own that need a new home? Take a look at this video of Collin Cunningham as he demonstrates the process of making an enclosure. It gives you some ideas of how to go about prototyping your own enclosure.

Make your own electronics enclosure with Ponoko! (and don’t forget — we can hook you up with the electronic components too!)

* font in first image is Circuit, available HERE

2 Responses to “Making Enclosures for Electronics with Ponoko”

  1. Andy Rahn Says:

    Hi Kristen. Maybe this has been asked before, but I have to know: Why doesn’t Ponoko offer one-sided copper PCB boards as a material you can laser cut? Maybe it’s too costly or you can’t properly “etch” a PCB with the laser? Has Ponoko considered offering PCB fabrication via the other methods (e.g. chemical etching I think is what other places use)? It’s the missing link in the whole electronics angle that they are experimenting with.

    Also, why can’t you offer some basic hardware in addition to these electronics? A small set of screws, washers, nuts, bolts, etc… That way you could make a complete build-it-yourself thing in your factory.

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hey Andy, how’s it going? To answer your second question, Ponoko does offer basic hardware like nuts and screws. You can find it under Prototyping, about 2/3 down the page here: [ ]

    As for cutting PCB boards, you’re not the first person to ask. As Josh explains in the forum: [ ] the lasercutter doesn’t like materials with metal running through it; the adhesives used in the boards are also a problem.