Arduino Controlled Automatic Pot Stirrer

Ben Heck Lets Loose In The Kitchen

If there’s anything Ben Heckendorn is known for, it’s his unique approach to stirring the technology pot. In a recent DIY frenzy, Ben does this quite literally as he tackles the onerous task of preparing the perfect noodle with the Arduino Controlled Automatic Pot Stirrer.

No longer a slave to the stove, Ben can now sit back and…relax? Well, he can do whatever it is that Ben’s head does to unwind while his laser-cut contraption rhythmically stirs those bubbling noodles.

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Heights are fully adjustable to fit various pots and cooking utensils. There are also some neat little 3D printed pulleys that keep the stirring mechanism moving, and there’s even a temperature probe so you can keep track of just how hot things are getting. Monitoring temperatures and controlling the movement happens via an Android app that Ben’s programming buddy Jesse put together, which communicates via Bluetooth to the Arduino-equipped pot stirrer.

Watch Ben’s signature excitable run-down of yet another DIY technological marvel you never knew you needed.

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The Ben Heck Show via Engadget

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