Laser Cut Chess Set

A chess set laser cut out of acrylic with free templates.

This laser cut acrylic chess set was made by peter_ on Thingiverse and he generously provided the templates for anyone to use or modify.


Place the grid pieces on a 12×12 inch ~4.5mm sheet of acrylic in an 8×8 grid for the chess board itself. Because the acrylic glue can leave bubbles between pieces, I just left these unglued and loose. I like this a lot more, and makes it look a lot more haphazard and visually interesting.

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Using two of your favorite colours, cut out two sets of chess pieces and grid squares. Depending on your cut quality, the chess pieces may press-fit together (though hopefully not too tight, or they may crack), or you may have to use a little acrylic glue to seal them together.

See other examples of laser cut chess sets here and here, and then try making your own with Ponoko.

Via: Make Via: Makerbot Industries

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Talking about contests and 10 day challenges… when is Ponoko having another one? It’s been eons since the last one.

Jon @

Taylor Gilbert

I’m not sure. I’ll look into it.

Taylor Gilbert

I’m sorry about the delay Jon. I asked around and there are a few contests in the works, but there are no official starting dates yet. Stay tuned to the blog for announcements.

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