Record Monsters

Laser Cut Critters Emerge From Vintage Grooves

We love Kickstarter. We love monsters. We love laser cutting.
So you can probably guess that we were pretty excited when we saw Andrew Hyde and Matthew Wettergreen’s Record Monsters.

The concept is deliciously simple, and brilliantly executed. Snap-fit dino and insect critters are laser cut from reclaimed vinyl records:

We ship out a vinyl record, you get to pop out the pieces and assemble the model.

Record Monsters have been rocking it over at Kickstarter, where people can pledge to help the guys turn this childhood dream into reality. A record monster at every party.     (more…)

How To Make an All-Wooden Laser Cut Padlock

Keeping your treasures safe 


Knowing that your valuables are securely locked away gives peace of mind, whether you are storing the jewellery inherited from your grandma or the secret plans to your Next Big Thing. Perhaps you just need to keep someone out of your private space, or to seal off the cupboard under the stairs from monsters that lurk in the dark.

Whatever the reason is, a lock and key can be handy indeed. So instead of heading down to your local hardware store to buy one, how about building a fully functional laser cut lock of your own?

This simple and clever design from Thingiverse user PArtzzles will prevent prying fingers from finding their way into your box of treasures. The design for the laser cut lock was worked out on Inkscape, and files are available to download so that you can make a version of your own at your favorite laser cutting service. Some makers might like to adapt the lock to further boost its security credibility to a level that will stop thieves in their tracks. Well… that’s the idea, at least!

via Thingiverse

Ornate laser cut wood with depth

Layer upon layer, each piece tells a fantastic story

The dynamic works of London-based illustrator Martin Tomsky can usually be found bringing children’s books to life… but it’s when he gets his hands on a laser cutter that his imagination really soars.

The layered ply is stained in a number of different shades for added depth, giving the swirling laser cut wood forms a dynamic energy suggestive of a 21st century Hokusai.

Continue after the break to see further examples including details of the 3D effect created by the laser cut wood layers. (more…)

Bamboo – March Material of the Month

Seriously, it’s not just flooring material. Bamboo, either in laminate form or as plywood has been a popular material choice in interior finishes since the 90’s.  The sustainable growing and harvesting reputation has aided bamboo’s popularity, and it’s now featured more and more in product design.

The wood products’ prominent grain and warm hues make it stand out from a myriad of other plywoods and timber laminates.  Bamboo also laser cuts beautifully and is one of the most popular material choices in Ponoko US and NZ.  Both hubs offer different thicknesses of bamboo in plywood and natural laminate form.

Get a whole lot of bamboo inspiration after the jump:


Personal Factory Projects for The Kids

Plus make-your-own Kid Stuff with FREE filesGot kids? Know someone who does? There are always some running about, squealing, getting in the way and demanding treats. At least that’s what I hear. So what can you do? You can 1) ignore them, 2) tell them to get back in their cupboard, 3) buy them something plastic from the nearest department store, 4) buy them something that didn’t get assembled by their peers in a third world country somewhere, 5) make them something yourself. The good news is that we can help with the last two.

Ideas, inspiration and free stuff after the jump:


The ten coolest things done with laser-cutting in 2011!

Best of the Blog 2011 – Laser Cutting

I knew it was going to be tough when I picked the Laser Cutting category to pick the best posts from, but wow – there really were a lot of amazing stories in 2011 to choose from.

These are my favourites from last year, but if you think that I’ve missed a critical project, please mention it in the comments below!

1. The most advanced peanut butter and jelly sandwich yet


This is also #1 in my “favourite headlines of 2011” category. Dr. Thomas Modeen used a laser cutter to engineer a perfect food experience, distributing pockets of PB & J into even, calculated bites.

If I am ever a wealthy man, there will be a laser cutter in my kitchen. Be sure to read through to the source for a video of the laser in action!

Read: The most advanced peanut butter and jelly sandwich yet


Design a monster to win a 3D printer

Making monsters on MakerBots

Purple Creature by mm41108

3D Artist magazine has teamed up with MakerBot to offer a chance to win a custom, fully-assembled Thing-o-Matic 3D printer. What do you have to do to enter? Design a monster and upload it to Thingiverse! (more…)

Ten intriguing Functional Art & Objects from 2011

Best of the Blog 2011 – Functional Art & Objects

Whether it’s laser cutting, 3D printing, or simply craftsmanship at its finest, there has been much to be amazed and inspired by here on the Ponoko blog over the past calendar year. We’ve gathered together (in no particular order) ten noteworthy Functional Art & Objects posts from 2011.

1. Exploring the technical and aesthetic potential of 3D ceramic printing

Professor John Balistreri from BGSU talks through this groundbreaking research project, demonstrating the ability of 3D printing to create complex ceramic forms that are impossible to produce using traditional techniques. Amongst other things, you can check out how they are duplicating handmade objects by incorporating the use of a 3D scanner.


Personal Factory Projects for Halloween

Plus make-your-own spooky shakers and a mask!Welcome to the new monthly feature of Personal Factory Projects!  Every feature will have a theme and showcase various themed products by Personal Factory users.  To add to the excitement, every theme will include a MIY project with a free file for download from the Ponoko showroom!  We know how much you love free stuff.

It’s not really Halloween without monsters, ghosts and dress-ups. Below are Hopeful Monster table lamp from Random Design Walk Lab, Spooky Ghost buttons from Chromatophobic, Love Devil necklace from Mariska and a moustachioed neckwarmer from Haha Bird.  The latter will look superb with a top hat, and you can wear it for the rest of the winter.FabBlab are clearly very enthusiastic about the upcoming ghoul fest.  They’ve designed a set of really quirky 3D printed Glazed Ceramic salt and pepper shakers, and you can download the files for those designs for free.  And if you’re stuck for dress-up ideas, you can’t go wrong with a superhero costume.  No respectable superhero costume is complete without a mask, and you can grab a free file for one from the showroom.

Laser cut silhouettes

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #43

Hey, Sam here. I’m back collecting this week’s posts from The Laser Cutter.

silhouettes seemed to be a theme this week.

Above is a laser-cut cover stock wedding invitation from Ian Collins – read more about it here.

After the jump, a robot, stuff for your fixed gear, a bookshelf, and some jewelry… (more…)