Raspberry Pi Foundation Releases Raspberry Pi Pico W

The Raspberry Pi Foundation are world-famous for its range of low-cost single-board computers that are easy to program, able to connect to external circuits and find use in all range of applications from school projects to industrial control systems. Recognising the success of its Raspberry Pi Pico range, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has now released its latest edition, the Raspberry Pi Pico W, which includes Wi-Fi capabilities. What features does the Pico W integrate, how can it be used in projects, and how can it help accelerate new IoT projects?

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Hardware Business News

Apptronik Raises $15m For Developing Humanoid Robots

Image Source –  Apptronik

Despite massive amounts of research in the field of robotics, humanoid bipedal robots still present many challenges. Sure, Boston Dynamics have demonstrated bipedal robots performing acrobatics and advancement movement, but they are still prone to falling down and are still confined to controlled spaces. However, Apptronik, an Austin-based robotics company, believes it has the technology to make such robots a commercial success and has raised $15 million to create such robots. What challenges do bipedal robots faces, who is Apptronik, and how will the funds be used?

UK Start-up Invests £600K To Provide UK Customers With 3D Printing Services

Of all rapid prototyping technologies to date, none have been more revolutionary than 3D printing. While most other methods use subtractive manufacturing, the additive manufacturing technique provided by 3D printing allows for complex 3D structures to be printed without wasting material. Recognising the advantages of 3D printing, UK-based technology firm All 3D Labs has announced its investment of £600K to provide UK customers with advanced 3D printed parts. What advantages does 3D printing offer, what machinery is being used, and what is the new service suitable for?

California Announces New Regulations On Plastic Waste, And They Are Strict!

Image Source – Wikipedia

Plastic waste is a serious problem facing the environment and humanity as plastic waste is often mistakenly consumed by animals, blocks up rivers and drains, and is now even being detected in human blood as microplastics can make their way into the food chain. One major contributor to plastic pollution is single-use items such as straws, packaging, and food containers. Recognising this challenge, California has announced that it will be introducing the strictest laws regarding plastics in the US whereby two-thirds of all plastic packaging must be either recyclable or compostable. What challenges does plastic waste present, what will the new regulations be effective, and what alternatives do engineers have to single-use plastics?

Department Of Homeland Security Announces $9.8 Million Funding For Security Technology Prototypes

Image Source – Wikipedia

National security is essential for any country to function, but trying to achieve this on a nation as large as the United States presents numerous challenges. For example, DHS can be involved with virus spread control, monitoring safe driving, search and rescue, software analysis, and seizing contraband. To help meet the needs for homeland security missions, DHS has recently announced a $9.8 million fund that will be targeted at small businesses that innovate and research new security technologies. What challenges does DHS face, what will the fund enable, and how can small businesses apply for funding?

UK’s National Grid Will Pay Customers Not To Use Electricity

Images Source – Wikipedia

The rising cost of fuel as a result of the Russo-Ukraine war is having a multitude of impacts on everyday life whether it is the increased cost of shipping, increased heating bills, and the general increase in the cost of living. Renewable energies are also causing issues as their unpredictable output means that energy distribution networks cannot rely on them to make up for the shortfall in gas and oil. With winter soon coming, National Grid in the UK has rolled out a new scheme that will pay customers in energy credits not to use power during times of peak demand. What challenges are energy grids facing, what will the new scheme do, and how will it help stabilise energy generation?

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Hardware Engineering News

AI Algorithm Can Predict Crimes One Week In Advanced With 90% Accuracy

Images Source – pixabay.com

Since the introduction of the first police forces, crime prevention has drastically changed as a result of the changing nature and frequency of crimes. Police “on the beat” has been replaced with rapid-response vehicles able to traverse large distances to areas of key interest while modern technology allows for police to record interactions with citizens to ensure the safety of the officer and others around them. But a new tool developed by researchers from the University of Chicago uses AI to accurately predict future crimes with an accuracy of 90%. What challenges does crime present to law enforcement, how does the AI Algorithm work, and is it ethical to deploy?

Wi-Fi 6 Continues To Demonstrate Its Advantages In The Field Of IIoT

Image Source – pxhere.com

The introduction of internet-enabled devices into the industrial world has sparked a new revolution of intelligent connected devices. Engineers can be located anywhere in the world and can still operate on equipment through cloud-based services, and the massive amount of data being gathered is accelerating the development of advanced AIs. However, current network technologies lack key features such as high speed and low latency which is why many industrial sites turn to private 5G networks. In this article, learn how Wi-Fi 6 presents itself as a serious candidate for future IIoT networks and see multiple case studies of its use.

A Deep Dive Into Time-Sensitive Networking

Images Source – pxhere.com

Industrial networks form the backbone of any modern industrial process, and it is essential that they offer high-speed, low latency capabilities especially if real-time processes are involved. While many traditional networks are cheap (such as Wi-Fi and LAN), they are not suitable for industrial networks due to their non-prioritisation of time-sensitive messages meaning that they cannot operate in real-time. In this article, learn about the importance of time-sensitive networks in industrial control processes, and what options are available to engineers.

Hardware R&D News

Self-Driving Car Company Sensible 4 To Begin Testing Vehicles In The Article Circle

Image Source – Sensible 4

Autonomous cars continue to face numerous challenges whether it is a lack of training data for AI, the inability to test the vehicle in every single possible situation, and the changing nature of roads. While many companies are working on self-driving vehicles, one Finnish company called Sensible 4 is soon to undergo long-term tests of its range of autonomous vehicles along a mile route in the two of Bodø in Norway. What challenges do autonomous vehicles face, who is Sensible 4, and how are they achieving level 4 autonomous driving.

Open-Source Hardware News

Aerospace Corporation Testing New CubeSat To Develop “USB For Space“

Image Source – Aerospace Corporation

One major challenge faced by satellite technologies is the large number of proprietary systems developed by technology companies that can make satellite hardware incompatible with each other. Multiple attempts to create a standardised architecture for satellites have failed in the past, but Aerospace Corporation believes that its latest CubeSat could be the solution. The new CubeSat takes advantage of modular design with systems that are plug-and-play as well as open-source with the idea of removing the need for proprietary systems that lock designers into specific configurations. What challenges do satellite technologies face, what does Aerospace Corporation hope to achieve with its latest satellite, and could a universal modular bus be the answer that satellites are looking for?

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