Ponoko $10M Credits Program For Hardware Businesses – A Call For Partners

Let’s Join Together To Help Startup Hardware Businesses In This Incredible Time

While our $1M Credits Program to give up to 70% off laser for up to 1,000 startup hardware businesses and 100% off speed for orders fighting COVID-19 will help businesses survive to thrive through this unprecedented moment in human history, 10x this amount will REALLY help.

So we’re calling for companies who serve startup hardware businesses to partner with us to create a $10 Million Credits Program, by offering your products and/or services at deeply discounted rates (capped to $1M of discounts for up to 1,000 Ponoko customers) to help hardware businesses cut the costs of as many of their daily tools as possible.

And we’re asking startup hardware businesses to forward this to your key suppliers, inviting them to partner with us to help boost our credits program from $1 to $10 million, offering you a range of products and services you use everyday, at deeply discounted rates for a period of time.

What Types Of Companies Will Make Good Partners?

The best partners are those companies who are critical to the success of startup hardware businesses and are able to help up to 1,000 of them survive to thrive past this rocky time. We’d particularly like to partner if you supply to health and medical hardware businesses.

Hence, some great partners include:

There are so many many more, and we’d love to hear from you.

If You’re A Startup Hardware Business, What Next?

If you would like our $1 Million Credits Program to grow into $10 million in partnership with other suppliers important to you, please share this article with them (email / social / pigeon) and let them know you’d very much appreciate their support about now.

If You’re A Supplier To Startup Hardware Businesses, What Next?

We’ve started with a $1 Million Credits Program to give up to 70% off laser for up to 1,000 startup hardware businesses and 100% off speed for orders fighting COVID-19. If you’d like to get behind the hardware startup industry in this unprecedented time, and you have the ability to help us help them, please contact us with the products/services you can offer and what discount you can offer on them (capped to $1M in discounts for up to 1,000 Ponoko customers). We’ll make it happen.

And please remember to help us flatten the curve as we do all things to keep you, our team, suppliers and operations safe through this surreal time.

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