Beautifully Create Contrast With New NZ Material

Blue On White Acrylic

Blue On White Acrylic

Thumbs Up For Blue On White Acrylic

What’s your favorite color? If you’re like the majority of people worldwide, it’s blue.

Blue is a soothing and calming color. It’s productive and non-invasive. In Eastern cultures, blue is often associated with good health. In Western cultures, blue creates a sense of security and trust. Perhaps that’s why it’s used by some of the world’s biggest brands such as American Express, Dell, Facebook, Ford, GE, IBM, JP Morgan, LinkedIn, Lowe’s, Twitter and Walmart—just to name a few!

“Blue is not only the most popular color on the web today, it is also the most popular color on the spectrum internationally,” says Pantone Vice President Laurie Pressman. “Long associated with the serenity of a clear blue sky and the cleansing waters of tranquil seas, the human mind embraces the concept of blue as constant, translating it into a symbolic message of dependability and loyalty.”

While blue is often incorporated into communications because of it’s clarity (think website design, hyperlinks), you don’t have to be a corporate juggernaut to put the power of blue to work for you. With our new blue on white acrylic, your laser cut acrylic designs have never looked so good.

Get Inspired: What You Can Make With Blue On White Acrylic

Whether you’re making jewelry, bookmarks, electronics enclosures, or name tags and event badges, the contrast two-color acrylics provides not only visually organizes information but also grabs attention and creates focus. Perfect! But how?

Contrast is one of the key principles of design (in addition to alignment, hierarchy, balance, repetition, proximity, balance, color and space). While contrast is critical for successful designs in print and online, it’s especially important when it comes to laser cutting.

In the past, makers would have to painstakingly hand paint details onto jewelry and other small parts to get a striking contrast. But since the introduction of two-color acrylics, achieving a sharp finish requires waaaay less work.

This is particularly true when it comes to typography. Text and geometric shapes work incredibly well on two-color acrylic. Just check out this event badge we whipped up.

Blue On White Acrylic Event Badges

Next, look at all the options when it comes to designing employee name tags. In addition to a logo and person’s name, you can add a border for interest. Or create a two-tone effect by engraving away the area around the name.

Blue On White Acrylic Name Badges

With the holidays coming up, you could even have some fun creating original gift tags that recipients will always remember!

Blue On White Acrylic Tags And Labels

When designing for two-color acrylics, don’t forget to think beyond the contrast of the substrate. Include contrast in typography (traditional vs. modern; serif vs. sans serif), lines (thick vs. thin; straight vs. curved) and shapes (big vs. small; geometric vs. organic) to create the most interest and impact. If you’re doing corporate work, ambigram logos also look really cool when laser engraved.

Benefits Of Two-Color Acrylics

Because the top layer is engraved away, the bottom layer of the acrylic is revealed. This results in excellent readability because the precision of the laser cutting gives the illusion that the graphic and lettering work is printed. Thus, this blue on white acrylic is ideal for products that need text or graphics along with the unique shape achieved with laser cutting.

Compared to printed paper products that seem more disposable, two-color acrylics offer more permanence and longevity. Cardstock is 0.3mm where this blue on white acrylic is 1.6mm thick—a massive difference compared to paper—so use two-color acrylics as an upgrade to standard printing for a more robust product to make an impact.

Blue On White Acrylic

Two-color acrylics are also manufactured with a UV-resistant additive. So while there will naturally be some fading with extended sun exposure, these acrylics hold up much better in UV light, making them quite durable for signage applications.

Finally, this material is Microsurfaced Impact Modified Acrylics. This means it contains a small amount of polymer that is similar to rubber to give the acrylic extra strength and flexibility. As a result, two-color acrylics are slightly more flexible and melt a bit more during cutting than standard acrylics. This ability to be bent makes two-color acrylics particularly suitable for trophy plates.

Now Available: Blue On White Acrylic

With the addition of blue on white acrylic, there are now six two-color acrylics in the NZ Catalog.

Blue On White Acrylic Sheet

Learn more about Blue On White Acrylic here and grab your sample here.

Maker Tip: When designing for this material, make sure the small details for cutting are a bit bigger than they would normally be constructed on standard acrylics. Also keep in mind that the top layer is very thin so the underlying substrate is sometimes visible along the cut line as well. This is most noticeable in corners or angles of designs, so prepare files accordingly.

Get Talking: What Will You Laser Cut With Blue On White Acrylic?

However you want to create contrast—with color, typography or graphics—two-color acrylics take your designs from ordinary to extraordinary. How will you use blue on white acrylic? Share your ideas for an upcoming project in the comment box and let us know what you can’t wait to make!



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