3 New Materials To Inspire New Projects: Peel & Stick Veneers

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Need something new to inspire your next laser cut wood project? Can’t find the right material that offers flexibility and versatility? Check out our latest additions to our material selection. The wood design on these peel & stick veneers offer incredible detail.

The premium grade real wood veneer has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing. The veneer is quite flexible along the grain and can be applied to curved surfaces. They’re great for jewelry projects, to stick on to acrylics or to create amazing 3D stickers. Your imagination is the only limit to you how you can use the walnut, bamboo amber and bamboo blonde peel & stick veneers for your next laser cut wood project.

Click on the images below to get all the details on our new premium peel & stick veneers.

Peel & Stick Veneer – Walnut

Walnut has rich, chocolate hues, auburn undertones, and beautiful grain patterns that make it appealing as material for projects that need stronger color contrast.

laser cut wood veneer

Peel & Stick Veneer – Bamboo Amber

Bamboo has a beautiful fine grain which may have some visible joints on the surface to break up the grain — giving it a unique appearance. The Amber version has a  golden brown color, a great choice for neutral-looking jewelry projects.

laser cut wood veneer - bamboo amber

Peel & Stick Veneer – Bamboo Blonde

The natural occurence of joints on this other new bamboo is also a welcome break from the fine grain. It has a golden color that is a few shades lighter than the Amber version.

laser cut wood veneer - bamboo blonde



We’d love to know your ideas for things you can make with these new materials. Comment them below.

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Is this yet another product that wont be offered by the southern hemisphere operation? Every time you release a new material, our only option is to pay 4 times the making cost to ship it (see veneered woods). Time to make these emails region specific so you stop disappointing your customers.

    Ponoko Team

    Thanks Sean. We’ve updated our emails to release new materials to both the US & NZ materials catalogs at the same time 🙂

Mark Harris

Are these going to be released in NZ? Or USA only?
Can I get stuff cut in the USA if I’m in NZ? There is a much wider array of materials available there.

    Ponoko Team

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry for the delay in our reply. At this time we are unable to source this material in NZ. You certainly can order from the US making hub though – just select this location in your preferences before uploading your design. Hope that helps!

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