Ten Best Articles on Furniture + Lighting

Best of the Blog 2010 — furniture + lighting

Furniture + Lighting isn’t just about decor — these forms are some of the best expressions of our culture.

This top ten emphasizes furniture and lighting designs that push the envelope on creativity and possibility.

#10 Objects for the Age of Obama

Regardless of political stance, it can’t be denied that excitement was in the air for many after the US elected President Obama. This student exhibition, held in Obama’s home city of Chicago, explores the manifestation of change, hope, and unity through design.

#9 Flatpack Animal Furniture

Design atelier ibride embrace the strange and wonderful with their line of flatpack animal furniture. The bizarre, through-the-looking-glass photography lands this whimsical vision of furniture in our top ten.

#8 ontwerpduo = fun studio

This Dutch design duo turn furniture into pure fun and games.

#7 When Technology and Design Meet: Digitability in Berlin

A peek at Berlin’s Designmai International Design Festival from ’07. Below is the “Attracted to Light” lampshade, which traces the flight of a moth around a light source. The image was digitally scanned and then 3D printed.

#6 Incredible Cardboard Furniture

An 8 step Instructable for designing your own cardboard furniture plus the exceptional work of a French collective of cardboard furniture makers.

#5 Machine Gun Rack

It’s an organization rack in the silhouette of an AK-47 with a flock of birds and a child swinging. What is not to love?

#4 50 Digital Wood Joints

Innovative joinery is awesome and under-the-radar, but sure to be a trend to watch for 2011 & 2012. Check out Flexible Stream’s 50 downloadable, digital wood joints.

#3 3D Printing Chairs from Refrigerators

Eco was not just a designer fad; it’s the new m.o.  These 3D printed chairs demonstrate the possibilities of re-use with digital fabrication.

#2 The Origins of the Exclamation Lamp

Ponoko needed an awesome product for the 3D printing launch, and in-house designer Dan Emery delivered. This delightful lamp has a 3D printed framework and fully customizable lasercut panels. This article describes the evolution of the Exclamation Lamp from idea to prototype to final product.

#1 Create Your Own Chair with SketchChair

We’re all about the democratization of design, and that’s why this incredible app makes our #1 spot. Based on your sketch, this program generates files suitable for digital fabrication — allowing you to fully create your very own chair design.

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