The $250 Arduino-powered prosthetic hand made by a teen

Arduino, 3D printing, and clever engineering result in an affordable prosthesis.

Easton LaChappelle has made a series of continuously improving robotic hands. The first, which he made at age 14, won 3rd place at the Colorado state science fair, and the second, which we previously covered, won 2nd place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, the top science fair in the USA. At the Colorado fair he met a little girl who wore an $80,000 prosthetic arm, and he was convinced he could do better.

Now 17, Easton has completed the third version of his robotic hand. The hand is primarily made with 3D printing, with the exception of motors, gears, and other hardware. The control system is activated by flexing a pre-chosen muscle, such as curling your toes, then the movement is chosen and controlled by a series of eyeblinks and an EEG headset to measure brainwaves. The most remarkable part is that the hand costs a mere $250.


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  1. Michael Says:

    I need a large button such as Staples which, when hit (by a 92 year old lady who lost lots of her marbles..) would trigger a recorded message (perhaps embedded in a chip) to say:

    Mom, you are in your own place in Bronxville New York and we are just across in the red building. Somone will come there very soon. I love you.

    Anybody who can help with this. Of course I’d pay if it doesn’t send me to the poor house!!