Fundraising begins for Junior Veloso’s resin-based 3D printer

Prototype and whistles

Long-awaited project aims to raise $300,000

Prototype and whistles

Well, it took a bit longer than the post last month indicated, but Junior Veloso‘s awesome-looking resin-based 3D printer is now taking preorders.

Since the project will need a certain minimum amount of interest to be practical, the preorders are being done in the form of an Indiegogo campaign. (Indiegogo is similar to Kickstarter, but with more flexibility in funding and location terms.)

Here’s how the main campaign levels break down:

  • – $599 Basic Kit I
    Software, controller board, schematics/plans
  • – $1,999 Basic Kit II
    Above, plus motors, linear actuators, power supply, building tray, building head
  • – $3,999 Full Kit
    Above, plus DLP projector, 1kg of resin, assembly tools

It’ll be interesting to see how the hobbyist community embraces the project. Before pricing was announced, the project had been described as “very affordable”, which means that the $4000 complete kit price may come with some sticker shock for folks with smaller budgets.

Also, the project will only be funded if it reaches its $300,000 goal by May 31st. Things are looking good though – after two days there are already 11 people signed up for the full kit.

For more information, including the other reward levels, check out the campaign page here:

And if you want the full details, a separate FAQ site detailing the hardware/software/material has also been launched here:

Since posting this, the specific number of backers at each reward level has

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You can also note the openhardware alternative from the reprap community, that will be much much cheaper ( both in terms of machine, and consomptibles ), and much more capable : Lemoncurry
There have already been some prints, and it’s moving along very very fast.
#lemoncurry @ freenode, for IRC users.

Excellent – I’ll definitely keep an eye on lemoncurry as it develops.

I’m more interested in the open resin printer project happening on thingiverse now, either that or, another such as lemoncurry.

the parts for building one of these seem almost as cheap as a rep rap (just did a prusa for $460)

4k is too much and I get the feeling it’s only finally being released now due to advancements in the open projects and the fact those are progressing rapidly. (this project won’t have long to charge prices like above) the open projects also use a more affordable resin.


4k is too much compared to what? — a non existent printer which may or may not become available at an unknown time?

Come on…..

I agree the the lemonCurry stuff is looking amazing! — I am also pretty sure that by the time it’s ready, there will be something else in development that is looking even more amazing.

Isn’t is completely unfair to condemn the Veloso printer, which is working fully now, based on what is current a non existent printer?

Also, consider the DIY printers are not suitable for most small businesses and work best as hobby machines, where as, the Veloso printer is.

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