Laser Cutting On Display

Laser cut hands, pins, girls, bananas, and bow ties!

tlc259 (1)

Above is a POS display for a Samsung Camera. It is laser cut from acrylic like’s own Glass Green,  with an application of mirrored foil and comes from Milos Paripovic.

After the jump, pins, girls, bananas, and bow ties…

tlc259 (2)

Above is a Christmas tree rolling pin. It is laser etched into maple and comes from Humble Elephant.

tlc259 (3)

Above are a set of four Golden Girls coasters. They are laser cut and etched into walnut wood and come from Urban Cricket.

tlc259 (4)

Above are banana earrings. They are laser cut from acrylic and come form I’m Your Present.

tlc259 (5)

Above is a bow tie and flower. It is laser cut from acrylic and comes from My Design Laser.

I’m Sam Tanis and this was the Laser Cutter Roundup #259 from my blog The Laser Cutter where I post laser cutting (almost) daily.

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