Laser Cut Geometry

Laser cut coasters, sleeves, flowers, and a cyclops!

tlc258 (2)

Above are a set of four geometric coasters. They are laser cut and etched into 1/8″ thick Baltic birch, like‘s own  Birch Plywood, and come from Pixels and Timber.

After the jump, sleeves, flowers, and a cyclops…

tlc258 (3)

Above is a sleeve and handle for a mason jar. It is laser cut and etched into leather and comes from Claybyrne Handcrafted.

tlc258 (4)

Above is a highly detailed sacred geometry pendant. It is laser cut and etched into 1/4″ cherry wood and comes from Laser Trees.

tlc258 (1)

Above is a cyclops charm. It is laser cut and painted maple wood and comes from Ultra Terrestrial.

I’m Sam Tanis and this was the Laser Cutter Roundup #258 from my blog The Laser Cutter where I post laser cutting (almost) daily.

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