Laser Cutting Can Be Very Sophisticated

Laser cut ties, mushrooms and ants, skulls, and a tiki god!

tlc248 (3)

Above is perforated necktie and comes from Cyberoptix. It is laser cut from black and red leather and could be produced using’s own Veg Tanned Black Leather.

After the jump, mushrooms and ants, skulls, and a tiki god…

tlc248 (1)

Above are mushrooms and an ant lawn decorations. They are laser cut from metal and come from Kiener Andreas.

tlc248 (2)

Above is a “Pile of Skulls” pastern for a rolling mill. It is laser cut and etched from paper and comes from Metal Designz.

tlc248 (4)

Above is a Tiki Mask necklace. It is laser cut and etched into rose wood and comes from Nails 2 Die 4.

I’m Sam Tanis and this was the Laser Cutter Roundup #248 from my blog The Laser Cutter where I post laser cutting (almost) daily.

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