Laser Cutting Is Lucky

Laser cut koi fish, dragon flies, Harry, cats, and California!

tlc249 (2)

Above is a koi fish charm. It is laser cut and heavily etched into wood link’s own Birch Plywood and comes from Little Laser Lab.

After the jump, dragon flies, Harry, cats, and California…

tlc249 (1)

Above is a dragonfly necklace. It is laser cut and etched from glitter acrylic for the body and mirrored acrylic for the wings and comes from  Sugar Jones.

tlc249 (3)

Above is a Harry Potter inspired bookmark. It is laser etched in plywood and comes Oksis.

tlc249 (4)

Above is a cat patterned rolling pin. It is deeply laser etched into wood and comes from Sugary Home.

tlc249 (5)

Above is a pendant necklace in the shape of California. It is laser cut wood with copper colored paper laminated to the face. It comes from Stands and Jewels.


I’m Sam Tanis and this was the Laser Cutter Roundup #249 from my blog The Laser Cutter where I post laser cutting (almost) daily.

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