The ultimate Arduino-based cat litter box

The litter box of kings.

This litter box was made by Greg Leisure with the help of an Arduino. It is quite possibly the most elaborate cat litter box ever built. Even calling it a litter box seems disrespectful. It’s more like a litter house. Or a litter condo. It has it all, all the bells and whistles a cat or cat owner could want. Lights with motion sensors? Check. Both sound and smell dampeners? Check. Automatically-triggered fans? Naturally. Automatic Lysol dispensers? Of course.

Seriously though, this is a great project. It’s probably a little beyond what someone with one cat would need, but if you have several (like Greg), this would be fantastic. The best part is probably that it doesn’t look like a litter box; it just looks like a cabinet. Greg is offering it for sale on Etsy if you don’t have the¬†wherewithal¬†to make one yourself.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is Greg’s first Arduino project. I’m definitely curious how he will top this with his second.

Via Arduino Blog

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