Ponoko Is Hiring A Production Manager

A 32-Hour Work Week Role, With The Ability To Go Full Time As Needed

Ponoko provides an online laser cutting & engraving service to turn your designs into custom made products faster and at less cost than ever before.

Instant online quoting and no order minimums mean our customers can go from idea to finished product as fast as next day. We think that’s pretty amazing.

At our Oakland factory of the future, our Production Manager delivers that amazing experience to our customers.


* You believe what we believe . . . That mass production is going digital.

* You value what we value.

* You have a deep desire to help makers create their own custom products. This will make it easy for you to smile, persevere and shine through the ups and downs our customers experience on their personal creative journeys, and the ups and downs we experience on ours.

You are:

* Passionate about quality, and it shows in your work.

* Experienced working with laser cutters for at least one year in a production facility, nailing quality and speed.

* Experienced with vector design software, specifically Adobe Illustrator.

* Familiar with the properties of the materials in our catalog.

* Someone who works harmoniously with your team members to delight customers.

* Cool under extreme pressure, and you radiate this with your team members and suppliers.

* A happy soul. Who communicates well (including online with our global team).

* Proactive. Detailed. Process driven. *All three.*

* Someone who likes to lead, and enjoys working independently.

* Effective at multi ­tasking and prioritizing the daily rush of tasks that come in an evolving company.

* Someone who understands you get out of life what you put into it. And to change the world this means stepping forward and grabbing at responsibility.


You’ll be our part time Production Manager (32 hours per week, with the ability to go to 40-48 hours per week as needed). You’ll be the trusted maker of our customer’s product designs. You’ll enable us to deliver on time as our customer demand is growing.

Your typical day includes the following:

* Achieving 3 key goals – quality, speed & productivity of your making service. Measured and reported weekly.

* Managing our online customer order queue, and laser cutting our customer’s orders.

* Managing our materials stock so we do not run out. And communicating with our materials suppliers as needed.

* Working with our Shipping & Materials Manager to ensure materials are ready and customer orders are packaged and shipped on time.

* Lending your expertise to assist our customers improve their product designs, as needed.

* Liaising with our customer team to ensure on-time delivery of quality custom products.

* Working in concert with our production team to keep things humming.

* Delighting our customers with the unexpected, and putting a smile on their faces, particularly when all seemed lost.

* Regular maintaining & ad hoc fixing of laser cutters.

* Identifying problems with and improving our workflows to delight customers.

* Attending 1 weekly delivery team discussion & 1 monthly full team discussion.


* Market salary.

* Unlimited paid time off.

* Employee rates on laser cutting your own stuff.

* Feeling that your work day makes a difference in other people’s creative lives.

* Freedom and independence to run your own shift.


Founded in 2007, we believe in a digital making future. A future where your products are made online and locally.

This belief drove the design of our online laser cutting service for makers. It’s made possible by our Personal Factory technology that connects your digital design tools to our digital making robots over the Internet.

Our service is the first to enable you to both make & sell your product designs online.

With an online catalog of 100+ materials, instant online quoting, no minimum order size, custom product delivery as fast as next day, an incredible 99% quality score with the other 1% re-made and re-shipped for free (no returns necessary), over 200,000 Personal Factory makers have produced more than 600,000 custom products online.

Recognised as a pioneering leader of the digital making industry, we have been featured in places like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, CNN Money, Inc. Magazine (cover), Forbes, Wired, Core77, TechCrunch, Makezine, MIT Technology Review, BBC News and The Economist.

We’re just at the beginning of a digital making future we’ve been working towards for 10 years, where our Personal Factory technology enables the seamless connection between your digital design software and our digital making robots over the Internet.

Your appointment will enable us to support our amazing customers as we continue to pioneer the digital making industry together.


Please send an email to dan dot devorkin @ ponoko dot com to introduce yourself, send your resume, and to answer these 3 questions:

1. Why do you want this role?

2. Why are you the best person for this role?

3. What gaps exist between what our needs are and your experience?

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

PS – see our Shipping & Materials Manager role open here.

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