Ponoko $1M Credits Program – Up To 70% Off Laser For Up To 1,000 Hardware Businesses + 100% Off Speed For Orders Fighting COVID-19

Helping You Stay In Business To Continue To Build Our Future And Improve The World

Inspired by Gui Cavalcanti’s Open Source COVID Medical Supplies and what may be a harsh re-run of our very own 2007-2008 GFC startup experience, we’re offering $1 million in Ponoko account credits for discounted making & delivery services for up to 1,000 startup & small hardware businesses to stay in business so you can continue to build our future and improve the world.

Are You Eligible?

While preference will be given to businesses making health and medical supplies for COVID-19, this program is open for up to 1,000 startup or small hardware businesses making products to advance humanity.

Whether you’re making medically reviewed face shields, biotech devices, advanced energy meters, space satellites, AI robots, self driving cars, IoT farming devices, point of sale systems, data center monitoring devices, smart power tools, VoIP devices, drones, AR/VR devices, single board computers, wearables, music-tech, solar power products, high altitude internet devices and anything else that advances the human race, we’re here for you to keep doing your thing.

How Does This Work?

Up to 1,000 startup or small hardware businesses will get a lump-sum credit added to your Ponoko account.

Whenever you checkout, this credit will be used to pay the laser cutting portion of your custom parts, at up to 70% off.

For all businesses making health and medical supplies for COVID-19, this credit will also be used to pay the fastest delivery service available for your order volume (EG: 1 – 100 parts made and shipped tomorrow), at 100% off.

How Do You Apply?

Please enter your details here.

What Happens Next?

Please wait for our reply.

We’ll personally review every application, so please hang in there with us.

When you’re approved, we’ll email a link for you to see the credit added to your Ponoko account for you to use immediately.

If you have not heard back from us within five business days, please ping us.

We’ll post more here as we roll this out. If you have any questions, please contact us here. And if you’re wondering how to use these credits right now, see this medical supplies example.

And please help us flatten the curve as we do all things to keep you, our team, suppliers and operations safe through this surreal time.

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