Now you can make in the UK!

Local shipping saves you money

London-based RazorLAB is the latest fabber to launch an independent making hub using Ponoko. It means, from today, you have access to local making and shipping rates in the UK through your Ponoko personal factory.

Your making project in good hands

“We love laser. We laser love!” says RazorLAB CEO Soner Ozenc. “We are very passionate about what we do and excited to be entering this new phase of our business.”

RazorLAB launched in 2006 and has worked with high-end clients like Apple, O2, Hussein Chalayan, Giles Deacon, Selfridges as well as many other creative professionals ranging from large architectural firms through to up-and-coming design talents.

“At a time where the UK manufacturing industry is at a decline, our ambition for RazorLAB was to make a difference and prove that manufacturing is still a viable option in this country,” says Soner. “Ponoko’s making system has just made things more convenient – providing an online platform that is fully automated and open 24/7.

Shipping costs take a tumble

RazorLAB is the third digital making company to launch in Europe using our making system. Berlin-based Formulor launched its making hub in February this year and Milan-based Vectorealism followed in May. These services are in addition to our own making hubs in San Francisco and Wellington – and more than 150 fabbers using our system through 100kGarages.

Shipping company costs have been a huge barrier for Ponoko users in the UK or wanting to break into the UK market. So much so, that we have been subsidizing freight to the UK for products made at our making hub in New Zealand. Ultimately, that’s unsustainable and against the Ponoko ethos which is about building an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing. Our aim from the beginning has been to cut carbon emissions by sourcing local materials and making products as close to the point of consumption as possible.
Local making will make a big difference for UK creators. For example, here are the savings on shipping a 3mm thick, P1 sized plastic sheet of material (in USD):

To UK …

from New Zealand: $24.40 (subsidized rate)

from USA: $59.90

from Germany: $19.53

from Italy: $29.11

from UK: $3.67

Remember, as an independent fabricator, RazorLAB has its own pricing, materials catalog and terms of business. So based on these things, you can choose whether you want your products delivered from Ponoko hubs in the USA and New Zealand or from independent hubs in Germany, Italy and now the UK.

Want to get making in the UK?

Log in here now to change your making hub to RazorLAB in the UK. You’ll find the changes to accommodate the new hub are easy to follow.

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That is cool… what a dramatic drop in shipping prices!

Jon @

That’s cool! I guess I will try it out soon.

A hundred kinds of awesome! This is what I’ve been waiting for since Ponoko started! Cheers folks!

Actually, although i’m in the UK and the shipping costs are MUCH lower, the making costs are so insanely high from RazroLab that it’s better for me to have stuff made in bulk in Europe and have it shipped to me….

Why are their making costs so much higher? It seems to be 4 times the amount of VectorRealism.

Hi Lindsey,
I work @ RazorLAB.
It sounds like a bug somewhere. Can you please send us your file for us to check out? Please email it to info at razorlab co uk.

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