Introducing Online Sheet Metal Bending

Ponoko Metal Bending

Ponoko Expands Laser Cutting Services With Metal Bending

Metals are extremely durable, making them an ideal material choice for functional parts. But when it comes to chassis, enclosures, and brackets, cutting alone often isn’t enough. We know that wrangling flat metal parts into submission can be a difficult process. That’s why Ponoko is excited to announce that in addition to laser cutting, bending is now available for selected metals online.

The best part? No minimum order size with low pricing and volume discounts automatically applied. Metals currently have a 15-day lead time.

What Laser Cut Materials Are Available For Metal Bending?

What Is The Finish Quality?

Your part will have marks where the metal touches the punch and die. As such bent parts will have cosmetic imperfections. This means Ponoko metal laser cutting and bending is best suited to functional parts.

How Do I Define Bend Lines When Placing An Online Order?

Use a different color in your vector design file to assign to bending on the site. In the example below a green line has been used for the intended bend line. Once you’ve selected ‘bending’ for a line color, the site will then ask you for bend parameters such as the angle and direction of the bend.

Ponoko Metal Bending Online Order

What Are The Design Rules?

There are some limitations in terms of the number of bends and sizes of sections that can be accepted for bending. The Ponoko team do a manual design check of all orders before manufacturing takes place and will reach out with advice on changes needed if parts cannot be made. See the full break down here.

Ready To Order?

Great! Upload your design file here and order away! The Ponoko team look forward to making your designs!

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