New fingerprint resistant acrylic materials

plus 2 achromatic tints!

Tired of grubby finger marks on you perfect designs? Well those days are gone with our new Matte acrylics in black and white.

No, not that Matt! Matte with an E.

3.0mm/0.118″ White (Matte 1-side)
3.0mm/0.118″ Black (Matte 1-side)
Great for making cases for electronics and other hands-on devices like the camera pictured above by kit da studio.

We’ve also got some new tints –

3.0mm/0.118″ and 4.5mm/0.117″ Gray Tint
3.0mm/0.118″ Light Gray Tint
Just in time to make some custom lenses for your Burning man goggles.

Check ’em out or Buy a sample.

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