Pocket-Tactics: the open source 3D printed miniatures game

Print your own armies for dining room battles.

With the exception of an adventurous few who made pieces by hand, miniatures games have long been the domain of large game companies. Widespread access to 3D printing can change that. Pocket-Tactics by Ill Gotten Games is a miniatures-based tabletop game, and all the rules, stat sheets, and even STL files for 3D printing are available online for free. The reason for the name should be obvious from the picture. All the pieces can easily fit in a small bag, and the game can be played in an area the size of an airplane tray.

The rules and stat sheets, 3 versions in fact, are available on the Ill Gotten Games website, and the STL files are available on Thingiverse. If you’re not inclined to print them yourself or through a printing service (like Ponoko Make), a complete set of printed and painted pieces is available for sale on Etsy.

Via 3D printing event blog

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