All Facets of Laser Cut Animals

Laser cut animals, rulers, spaceships, and California!

tlc254 (4)

Above are geometric animal coasters. They are laser cut and etched into maple wood, like’s own Premium Veneer-MDF, and come from The Campbell Craft.

After the jump, rulers, spaceships, and California…

tlc254 (3)

Above is a ruler bracelet. It is laser cut and etched into leather and comes from Rock Body Leather.

tlc254 (2)

Above is a space ship model kit. It is laser cut from mat board and comes from Thomas Houha Designs.

tlc254 (1)

Above is a pipe in the shape of California. It laser cut from oak and comes from Steven Mattern Design.

I’m Sam Tanis and this was the Laser Cutter Roundup #254 from my blog The Laser Cutter where I post laser cutting (almost) daily.

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