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Cool Conference Swag You Could Laser Cut For Pennies!

Packing for a conference is a lot like packing for a hike.

You have to pack the essentials, you want to pack a few standby items and you’d like to bring certain vanity items along, just for the heck of it. But as you pack, you also need to keep a check on the weight of your pack. Plus, unlike a hike where you probably won’t encounter more than one or two people at most, a conference is full of people who are eager to hand you bags of stuff!

Yet before you begin rummaging through conference bags for stuff to keep, here’s a quick list of things most attendees wish they had brought along which can be laser cut really cheap.

Simple Conversation Starters.


Laser Cut Wristbands.
While you will do your best to network before the session and during the breakout periods, the fact is you won’t be able to approach as many people as you’d like. But rather than rush through conversations with multiple people, you can use a little laser cut panache to draw people to you.

If designed well, this is bound to get you noticed even when you do something as simple as answer a phone call. It also helps you stand out in a crowd by acting as a distinct visual marker. Within a conference setting, you get instantly noticed if you have to raise your hand. And finally, it can be a great way to share your personal details without having to repeat them over and over (just in case your name or email has a complex spelling). Plus, if you run out of business cards, or don’t feel the need to share a business card with certain people … you can redirect them to your wristband for your details instead of the awkward fumble for a pen and napkin.

Things That Make You Memorable.


Laser Cut Business Cards.
Getting noticed is only half the battle. Your next step is to leave a lasting impression on your new acquaintances. Here are some easy to produce laser cut items, which can do the trick.     

Business card exchanges are a staple of any good conference. But the truth is after even half an hour of solid networking, it’s hard to put a face to a name for each card. That’s why you need to ensure your business card stands out and a laser cut one is perfect for the job. They have a unique tactile feel, they stand out visually and being one of the few of their kind floating around the conference, they won’t be easily forgotten either.

Utility Items You Can Depend On.


Laser Cut Luggage Tags.
Laser cutting can be a simple alternative to even basic items, which every conference attendee brings along regularly. Not only do these items serve a purpose, they are cheap enough to replace in case if wear-and-tear during the conference or while travelling by air.

These are useful items for out-of-town conferences. These tags are not only easy to spot at the airport, but also at the airport in case you are travelling in a group to the venue. You can also print multiple sets to accommodate for damage during handling at very minimal costs.


Laser Cut Headphone Wraps.
It’s an annoyance we’ve all faced from time to time – the tangled, ungainly mess that happens when we chuck our headphones into our backpacks. And often, untangling them is such a hassle, it feels easier to go out and buy a new pair rather than spend another minute untangling them. But if you take a minute to bring along a handy headphone wrap, you can say goodbye to tangles once and for all.


Laser Cut Business Card Holders.
Most conference attendees tend to bring one business card case for their own cards and just shove others’ cards in their backpack or back pocket. The result? A jumbled mix of cards that is not only hard to arrange but relatively easy to lose. Instead consider bringing a second laser cut business card case. Use this case to catch all the business cards you receive during the conference and sort through them later when you’re back at the hotel.

Digital Making Is a Modern Form of Digital Printing.
Laser cutting is not just a cute hobby designed for the artistically inclined. When used well, it can be a powerful tool to achieve marketing goals and provide different levels of utility.

Share with us in the comments what useful item you wish you’d brought along to a conference, but forgot…

…this post by Derek Elley originally appeared on the Ponoko Events Blog.

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