Open source filament maker

Plans now available for the Filabot WeeFilabot prototype

You might remember Tyler McNaney’s Filabot, the personal filament maker, we featured earlier in the year that about his Kickstarter campaign to raise money for development costs. The machine is designed to recycle plastic waste into filaments for use in 3d printing. (more…)

Photos of failed 3D prints

Delightful discards

Photo from cunicode's Beautiful Failures

Aside from the delight of participating in democratized manufacturing at home, users of hobbyist 3D printers have one thing in common: a bin full of failed prints. Even the most well-tuned machine is subject to the occasional plastic jam, crashing nozzle, or build surface separation.

Normally one might throw out these failures, or save them to be turned into ABS glue. But Bernat Cuní of cunicode looked at his bin of leftovers and saw something beautiful.

Bernat took these “accidental 3D prints” and turned them into a series of photos for a book and short video: (more…)

Design a monster to win a 3D printer

Making monsters on MakerBots

Purple Creature by mm41108

3D Artist magazine has teamed up with MakerBot to offer a chance to win a custom, fully-assembled Thing-o-Matic 3D printer. What do you have to do to enter? Design a monster and upload it to Thingiverse! (more…)

5 products from 2011 that you can download

Best of the Blog 2011 – Downloadable

They’re not quite as common as music and video files on the internet, but the mainstreaming of digital fabrication means that design files for physical objects are being passed around more than ever. Here are some of the coolest downloadable items covered on the blog in 2011:

1. A table with the digital design file built in

Download the design straight from the object!

This is my favourite of the bunch. There’s a project on Thingiverse for making QR code tags to stick on your creations, but this goes way beyond that by enabling downloads from the object itself! The QR code on the table in the picture is not a link to a website but instead the actual files necessary to make the table yourself!

Ten sinteringly great 3D print articles of 2011

Best of the Blog 2011 – 3D Printing

To celebrate the new year, we’re running a best of the blog 2011 for each category 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC routing, art, hardwear, materials etc. 2011 was an impressive year for 3D printing. It was a real challenge selecting only 10 from all the amazing articles. I think you’ll agree this snapshot of ten (in no particular order) showcase the exciting possibilities with the technology…

1. Solar Laser Sintering in the Sahara

This generated an enormous amount of buzz on the interwebs and is probably my favourite 3D printer so far. If the future is destined for a Mad Max-esque distopia this is what I’ll be taking to my desert island!


One coffee cup a day!

One project thats pushing the design boundaries of the humble coffee cup…

One coffee cup a day

On my weekly web trawl for cool 3D print projects and news, I found this interesting project. One coffee cup a day by design agency cunicode.

Too often product designers take their work too seriously (with the likes of Philippe Starck, Droog Design, etc as notable exceptions) So I find the sense of humour and creativity embodied in this project quite refreshing. Some cups are more conceptual than others and there is definitely varying levels of usability, but overall it makes a great set. I particularly like the faceted low res polygon cup. cunicode has also provided Rhinocerous3D and 3DS Max template files for you to customise and upload your own coffee cups. More images after the jump (more…)