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Current contributors

Kristen Turner

Richard Bartlett

Guy Blashki

Matthew Borgatti

Kristen is our Communications Manager and blog editor. She updates her design endeavors at and loves Deleuzian theory. Rich Decibels a.k.a. Richard D. Bartlett is our electronics blogger. He has been known to call himself an artist, engineer, musician, and futurist, but now he just goes with ‘maker’. Guy is an industrial designer with a passion for exploring other people’s reactions to the world. He’s also an upcycling crusader with Makedo in Melbourne, Australia. Matthew is obsessed with mechanisms. He loves to void warranties and figure out how things work. He also runs a store called Sleek and Destroy.

Taylor Gilbert

David McGahan

Derek Quenneville

Sam Tanis

Taylor is working towards a Masters of Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He interned at Mio and holds a degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. David is an industrial designer in Wellington, NZ. When he’s not modeling up a storm, he can usually be found hiking or cycling in the mountains. Derek is a gamer, developer, and 3D printing evangelist living in Toronto, Canada. He does stuff at and recently grew a beard. Sam is a senior at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. He runs The Laser Cutter, a blog devoted to all things laser cut, and writes our weekly Laser Cutter Roundup.

Yana Skaler

Catherine F-D

Dan Emery

Josh Judkins

Yana is our NZ Digital Maker. She likes playgrounds, spends much of her time designing stuff and enjoys hugging trees (in a metaphorical sense mostly). Catherine is our NZ Community Support Manager and regularly helps out Ponoko’s community with any questions they have. Dan is an Industrial Designer and leads the Ponoko Making team from Oakland, CA. Josh is our US Community Support Manager. He’s passionate about helping people create extraordinary things, and keeps telling himself that he’ll find time to do more of his own making one of these days…

Former contributors

Duann Scott

Roy Shearer

David Kirkland

Duann is pursuing a PhD at the University of South Australia on the social implications of the democratization of design through digital fabrication. He’s currently applying his research at Shapeways. Roy is a freelance designer, maker, & musician based in Glasgow. He runs Zero-waste Design, designs open products at, and is organizing a Glasgow Fablab.

John Cromie

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