Spend $50 or More at Ponoko, Get a FREE $50 Making Voucher

An Independence Day Deal For The Independent Designer

Independence Day Promo - Laser Cutting Promo

The independent designer’s favorite deal is back! This summer, let’s celebrate Independence Day with a FREE $50 making voucher.  

To Get Your $50 Making Voucher:

  1. Log in to your Ponoko account. If you don’t have one, sign up for free here.
  2. Place a $50 minimum order at the Ponoko US or NZ hub.
  3. Type ‘JULY16’ in the coupon box while checking out, and we’ll email your $50 Making Voucher.

Things You Should Know:

Offer good for making stuff with laser cutting at Ponoko. Showroom or sample store purchases do not qualify. $50 minimum does not include shipping. Other coupon codes or vouchers cannot be used with this offer. Offer good at Ponoko US and NZ only. Offer also valid for Ponoko Prime accounts. Offer starts 8:00am Pacific Time on June 4, 2016 and ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time on July 4, 2016.

About The Free Making Voucher:

Promotional voucher redeemable until Sept 4th, 2016. Promotional making voucher is good for a future laser cutting order, not the initial $50 order. One promotional voucher per account. (Making Vouchers are good on making costs only.)

Get Creative with 3 New Two-Color Acrylics

Have you seen our latest two-color acrylics in modern tones? We hope these spark your creativity and inspire you for your next laser-cut project. Our new acrylics are 0.8 – 2.1mm thick. With a thin layer of a different colored plastic on top. Engraving reveals the second acrylic color underneath. This results in a dramatic effect perfect for making jewelry, tableware, electronics enclosures, conference badges, signage, book covers, point of sale displays and more.

We have three new two-color acrylics available:

White on Black


Brushed Silver on Black 


Black on White


What we love about the two-color  acrylic is how it changes the overall look of the finished product. Here’s a great example of brushed silver on black:

Promo products


A Special Boxing Day 2015 – Get 30% Off

Your Christmas Gift From Ponoko.

Screenshot 2015-12-24 07.16.32
We’re celebrating Boxing Day with a happy one-day deal:

From midnight tonight until 11:59pm tomorrow, you’ll get 30% off the making cost of any laser cutting order when you use this code – W1WRYS – at checkout here.

Happy Boxing Day!

Note: Discount good for 30% off the making costs of your order. Offer good for Free Personal Factory accounts only.

Cirque du Soleil Want YOUR Product Design Ideas!

Screenshot 2015-12-24 06.13.50

Today we present the second opportunity for our design/make community to earn money in a new way.

You’ll design a unique departing gift for the incredible team of the Cirque du Soleil production of Quidam – an escape into a world of imagination

This comes as a result of us launching a new service for event marketers and businesses to design and make promo products from scratch, using our design/make community of 150,000 creative minds!

Your Design Challenge

Here’s your design challenge – including your audience, your goal, payment and process.

The timeline is kinda a now thing …

Portfolio Submissions Close Monday January 4th 2016 at 5pm PT

See how to submit your portfolio, along with available materials & design requirements.

This is another of what we hope will be many opportunities for you to earn a living from your product creativity online with our new service to match the $23 billion annual promotional products market with our custom product design community.

We hope you get in behind this second one to continue to send us the signal we’re on the right track for you …

It’s Time For Voucher Claus – Buy One, Get One Free

Until Midnight Thursday December 24th 2015 – Buy A Gift Voucher, Get A Making Coupon FREE.


Hey makers, do you like presents? Of course you do.

Well, Uncle Ponoko has something for you this year, Ponoko Gift Vouchers with a bit of a bonus …

If you know anyone who loves to make stuff, then you know someone who would love a Ponoko Gift Voucher. But it’s not all about them. Perhaps the best part of giving this gift is that you get a little something for yourself ; )

Buy a Gift Voucher by 11:59 pm Thursday December 24th and get a FREE Making Coupon!

• Buy $1,000+ of Gift Vouchers – get a FREE $500 Making Coupon.
• Buy $500 – $999 of Gift Vouchers – get a FREE $225 Making Coupon.
• Buy $250 – $499 of Gift Vouchers – get a FREE $110 Making Coupon.
• Buy $100 – $249 of Gift Vouchers – get a FREE $40 Making Coupon.
• Buy $50 – $99 of Gift Vouchers – get a FREE $20 Making Coupon.
• Buy $25 – $49 of Gift Vouchers – get a FREE $10 Making Coupon.

But Uncle Ponoko, What’s The Difference? I Mean, Isn’t A Voucher And A Coupon The Same Thing?

A *Gift Voucher* is good for any part of a make-it-yourself laser cutting order: the making, the materials and the shipping costs. And they never expire.

But a *Making Coupon* is good for the making costs only (IE – the actual laser cutting). And they expire within 3 months.

And The Finer Details

Both these Gift Vouchers and Making Coupons are valid for Ponoko USA & NZ Free & Prime account orders. But not for 3D printing, PCM, making speed upgrades, Prime subscriptions, Samples or Showroom orders. You can use one Gift Voucher or Making Coupon redemption code per order. There’s no change given if the service cost is less than your voucher value. And they are not redeemable for cash.

Please see our Gift Voucher Guidelines and our Making Coupon Guidelines for all the important fine print.

How Do I Game Ponoko’s Free Offer?

It might make sense for you to buy your Gift Vouchers in separate orders, rather than bundling them all into a single order. Examples …

• If you buy $2,000 of Gift Vouchers in a single order, you will get a free $500 Making Coupon. But if you buy $2,000 of Gift Vouchers in multiple orders (IE – a Gift Voucher order for $1,000 plus another for $1,000), you will get free Making Coupons for $500 AND $500. A total of $1,000 for free, not just $500.

• If you buy $75 of Gift Vouchers in a single order, you will get a free $20 Making Coupon. But if you buy $75 of Gift Vouchers in multiple orders (IE – a Gift Voucher order for $50 and another for $25), you will get free Making Coupons for $20 AND $10. A total of $30 for free, not just $20.

• And if you buy $25,000 of Gift Vouchers in multiple orders, you get the picture – you’ll get $12,500 of Making Vouchers. Etc, etc.

So, feel free to do your last minute shopping here until midnight before Santa squeezes down your chimney.

Ho ho ho …

#HolidaySales Tip #10: Better In The Loop, Than Out Of Mind

Better In The Loop, Than Out Of Mind


The holiday season can be maddening for sellers for multiple reasons. Over the course of this blog series, we’ve tried to address each of these key reasons.

Our last blog saw us deal with what may seem to be an innocuous issue like shipping. But as we read in that blog, even simple things have the potential to get out of hand when things get busy around the store both offline and online.

In this final part of the series, we’ll look at the last step to monitor once the holiday season finally kicks off – keeping customers in the loop about the stock of your products.

Understand The Difference Between ‘Clocks’ And ‘Clouds’


When it comes to producing an item, nothing is particularly ‘easy’. Even products that may seem easy to make such as a t-shirt has to go through several layers of production from selecting the material, to stitching the shape, to adding the colour. You may already be aware of this as a seller, but for your customer understanding the difference between production cycles of different items may be harder than you imagine.

But there is a simple rule-of-thumb you can stick to when trying to explain inventory shortages to your customers. There will always be certain products that are ‘clouds’ i.e. they have a production or delivery cycle that matches most products but consumers think they are quick or relatively simpler to make.

Then there are products, which customers see as ‘clocks’ i.e. they recognise the difficulty in producing these items and are a bit more willing to wait to see these items get through their schedule, before they reach store shelves.

Your job is to try to identify which products are perceived as ‘clouds’ and try to convince customers that they are in fact, ‘clocks’. This brings us to our next point.

Don’t Be Afraid To Acknowledge Shortages


Every seller reaches shortages at some point.

Especially during the holidays when demand for certain products spirals upwards in a relatively short timespan. What is important to remember is this – customers are aware that shortages occur and most of them are willing to be reasonable with sellers when this happens. But there is a caveat. Sellers have to be upfront in acknowledging their shortages and give their customers a compelling reason to wait for the item to come back in stock.

Now, as a seller when you do acknowledge the shortage, try to keep the following in mind:

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to make an announcement: If you have a good idea that certain products will be going out of stock soon, start prepping customers for the news as early as possible. You can do this by setting up a countdown for the number of items you still have in stock for a particular SKU or even estimate the number of days you believe current stocks will last.
  2. Don’t play the blame game: Every seller wants to maintain a good reputation with his customers. But many imagine (wrongly) that the best way to achieve this is by diverting the onus of stock maintenance on someone else. In fact, the exact opposite is true. If you make an honest admission that you failed to anticipate as much demand for a particular product as you are now seeing, customers will respond to your brand’s honesty and reciprocate with patience.
  3. Try to switch perception: Like we mentioned earlier, to convince customers to wait, you have to make a ‘cloud’ sound like a ‘clock’. You can do this by explaining just how the product is made and hence justify the time delay. Or you can outline how your end-to-end delivery systems are strained during the holiday season and thus shipments which would have come in faster in the rest of the year, slow down considerably during this season.

Don’t Just Be ‘Sorry For The Delay’


Once you have admitted to the shortage, you have to be prepared for a certain amount of customer ire.

At this time, the worst thing you can do is hand out platitudes such as “being sorry for the delay”. This kind of stock messaging only makes your brand sound automated and less concerned about the inconvenience being experienced by your customers.

Instead, you need to empathise with your customers during this period. Send out messages on your social media channels stating how you are genuinely concerned about the delay. Maybe share a possible story from your own experience about waiting for a product. Or even just setup a countdown (if you have exact delivery dates) for when the coveted product will be back in stock.

Each of these small steps helps divert the customer’s attention away from being angry. It also shows them that you’re not just a money-grubbing seller but also a customer just like them. A customer that understands the agony of waiting for a product to arrive and thus among the least likely to inflict such behaviour on someone else.

Focus On The Experience, Not Just Time


Now that the shortage has been admitted and you’ve outlined your concern for your customers, it’s time to move to the next step – handling the actual waiting period.

According to the Customer Experience Report by RightNow, most customers abandon a brand altogether due to poor quality of customer service, citing this 18 percent more often than slow or untimely service.

Now, if you’re asking, “How do I service a customer who’s just waiting?” that’s the first step to correcting your mistake. You see, through the year, you might be able to get away with offering a sincere apology and giving customers an accurate timeline for when products will be back in stock. But during the holidays, this just isn’t enough to keep a customer satisfied.

What you need to understand is during the holidays; customers are on their own deadlines to buy gifts for their loved ones. And even a single day’s delay might not be time the customer has to wait around. This problem is exacerbated further by tight delivery deadlines. This means that if a certain product isn’t immediately available during the holiday season, most customers are happy to take their shopping somewhere else. And in the mobile era, that action is literally an app click or a browser tab away.

So, once you’ve told your customers the delay is genuine and your product is worth waiting for, you need to have a plan for the impatient ones. Here are some tips we suggest:

  1. Offer them a better deal on the item: This is the first step you must take when trying to retain a near-sale. Try to convince the customer that you are actually paying for the time they have to wait by offering them a discount on the item that’s out of stock now.  
  2. Offer the next best thing, cheaper: In some cases, a discount may not cut it or if the item was not too expensive, then a discount doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t add any value to the transaction. In such a case, you should look deep into your inventory. Search for any similar products (either in utility or within the category) that you could offer at a lower rate.
  3. Offer them a storewide discount: This may sound a tad lazy but at a time when every customer is bargain hunting because they have multiple purchases to make, offering a discount might just do the trick to keep them from migrating to another seller.

Think Of Loyal Customers Differently


While waiting can be laborious for any customer, not all waiting times are equal. The time spent by a loyal customer waiting for a product to come back in store is worth much more that the time spent by just a casual one-off customer.

And as such, you need to recognise and reward loyal customers differently for taking the time to wait for your products. This helps build precious brand loyalty and depending on what products you offer, might even increase the ticket value of the sale when the customer finally comes back to complete his purchase.

With that we come to the end of our #HolidaySales blog series.

We hope you found each of these tips useful and have already begun incorporating them into your business plans for the season. But in the midst of all this planning, just remember not to lose sight on the joy that comes with the holiday season. Be sure to take time out for yourself and your family and try to have fun while selling this holiday season.

How To Guarantee Your Product Delivery Before The Holidays


Miss our early order deadline this festive season?

That’s cool … you still have time to place your laser cutting orders and guarantee delivery before the Holidays.

How To Strap A Rocket To Your Product Delivery Speed

Just place your order as normal, then upgrade your making speed or shipping speed. And if you’re in a real rush you can upgrade both for the fastest possible delivery … made and delivered to you as fast as next day!

Here’s how to upgrade your making speed for your products to be made and shipped as fast as same day if you order by 11am each weekday. Then you can upgrade your shipping speed to as fast as next day too.

This means you are in control of your product delivery date 🙂

Just be sure to double check during checkout that your Estimated Delivery Date is before December 25th. Then you’ll be good to go.

How To Guarantee Your Product Delivery Before The Holidays

Because this is silly season when our team, our materials suppliers and our shipping suppliers can get a bit stretched due to the volumes this time of the year, we like to add a little safety buffer to ensure we can guarantee your deliveries before the Holidays …

Hence, if you place your orders by midnight Friday December 11th with an Estimated Delivery Date before the Holidays, we guarantee they will reach you on before Christmas Day.

And in the highly unlikely case of us failing at this, we’ll refund 100% of your making speed upgrade fees and send you a credit equal to the sum of your order’s making and materials costs. It’s the least we can do.

FYI – all orders placed after this date will be delivered on a best efforts basis. Past years tell us we’ll get most if not all done (call it good planning ;-). It’s just that we can’t hand on heart guarantee it. As always, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Sooooo – to get your products delivered before the Holidays just place your orders before midnight Friday December 11th 2015. Easy as.

And if you’ve got any questions about timeframes, just hit us up here : )

Biggest Sale Of The Year Has Arrived!!

Ponoko Black Friday Banner-01

This is it – our biggest sale for all of 2015!

Your chance to make something new, something a little crazy, or to stock up on your favorites.

You get 35% off the making cost of all laser cutting orders placed between 12:01am Black Friday November 27th 2015 and 11:59pm Cyber Monday November 30th 2015.

This special offer is good for one laser cutting order from your USA or NZ Free Personal Factory account only, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or promotions. The usual costs for materials, shippings, speed upgrades, samples and showroom orders apply as normal.

To make it happen just enter this coupon code at checkout – E3RFAQ.

Go wild makers!

Maker Story: Bandynami

How A Maker Used Ponoko to Crowdfund Their Idea.


We took the chance to talk to Jerry Barccia, creator of The Bandynami, about his experience getting from idea to completed product using Crowdsupply.com & Ponoko.

How did you get started designing and making your own products?

“I began to dabble with 3D software and third-party bureaus while a design student, about 2006. I thought it was magic – sending out a laser cut or 3D computer file (nothing) and in the mail, the objects appears (something). I could then mold and recast as many of “the thing” as I wanted. Incredible!
As the technology advanced on the hardware and the prices of software became more reasonable, prototyping whatever was in my head became much easier. With the advent of crowdfunding and its growing popularity, I knew it was time to revisit every single “make” idea I’ve ever had. The wall of ‘gatekeepers’ involved in creating and bringing products to the masses shrunk considerably enough to climb over.”

What was the inspiration behind Bandynami?

“As part of a design course at the School of Visual Arts, we were tasked to redesign something on our desk: simple stationary items for beginners’ intro to 3D. I have a lot of art supplies, some as thin and long like an expensive watercolor brush, some thick and nubby oil pastels, and Japanese brush pens that I prefer to store downward (so the nibs stay fresh). I’ve also inadvertantly stabbed myself (more than enough times) with a quill pen nib because I can’t see what’s hiding in all my organizer-bins.
The project went well and it was surprising what you could fit into the prototype without it falling over or breaking. It took two years for my balsa wood prototype to finally implode.”

What led to you try Ponoko?

“I tried Ponoko because of the laser cutting choices and options. I didn’t find comprable speed, service and material choices anywhere else. 3D prints of the Bandynami couldn’t withstand the pressure of the rubber bands, and would bow and buckle. Monolithic ABS FDM printed models worked great, but it wasn’t something I could easily reproduce for a reasonable cost and the resolution just wasn’t really dazzling yet.
I wanted to experiment with different rigid materials and different colors representative of the final product. Ponoko allowed me to do all that, with great articles to help someone like me, who at the time didn’t know what ‘kerf’ meant.”


Can you tell us about the process of making and selling with CrowdSupply & Ponoko ? How is this different from your process before Ponoko/CrowdSupply?

“I feel it is very important to showcase your ideas and let people interact with them. For example, while at the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire I met a member of the Crowdsupply team, who explained their philosophy. They have been great – it is a leaner, very curated experience meant to get the thing you made into the hands of like-minded people who want one, and they have an open-source spirit that applies even to something as ‘analog’ as a ‘Modern Pencil Cup.’

The Crowdsupply campaign is actually my second crowdfunding attempt. At the time of this writing it is 64% funded with 24 days left, so I’m very optimistic. I felt kind of lost in a sea of many, many ideas in other crowdfunding platforms, and working alone, I made pretty much every crowdfunding mistake you could make. I knew Crowdsupply.com was the right home because of the help and the spirit of their other projects.”


How long did it take to go from: 1) idea to design; 2) design to prototype; 3) prototype to final piece;

“I’ve dabbled with this project on and off for years trying to create a mix and match design using 3D prints I could easily recast in resin. Then I found Ponoko, and once I decided on simple box joinery and acrylic it took me a matter of days (literally) to have exactly what I wanted from Ponoko. In the prototyping phase I nested different sized Bandynamis within each other to maximize output from the P3 template. This helped me nail the correct size for using regular office #33 rubber bands.”

What are the top things you love about Ponoko? Why?

“From the ease of uploading my files to opening up the box that says ‘Yippee’ on it – the experience of making on Ponoko really is one of a kind. Also, whenever I have to prototype something, for a personal project or for work, it’s the first place I think of.”

What’s next for Bandynami? Any projects on the horizon / new ideas / Next steps?

“More Exhibitions. More Maker Faires and Gift Shows. Input from others just keeps making the concept better. A particularly great look comes over people’s faces when they pass by and realize what it does, and how, and their level of excitement over the object is very encouraging.
I’d like to take Bandynami into different colors, materials and sizes. I like the idea of stamped metal, ceramic, sustainable wood veneers, or even stronger injection molded ABS plastic. I was surprised how many kids were into it at the Bay Area Maker Faire, so perhaps it has life as a ‘looming toy’ – something I heard repeatedly.”


What advice do you want to give to other folks trying to get started making products with Ponoko (or laser cutting 3D printing in general)?

“My advice would to just keep experimenting. Don’t give up. You don’t have to be a trained engineer. You will eventually figure it out. If two pieces don’t fit, alter it and try again until they do. Use the forums – someone else most likely has had your exact problem.

Make sure what you are making is something that YOU want, or are making specifically for someone you know, and NOT what you think other people would want or buy. Bandynami didn’t ‘work’ until I made it for me, and only me, and not because I was trying to ‘sell it’ to Staples or something like that.

There is no global ‘pencil cup’ problem to be solved. I needed a solution to the way I worked and I have it now (many actually) thanks to Ponoko. Anyone else can access it and modify it to their needs if they too find it useful.
Work with others to expand your thinking and challenge your assumptions. Most importantly, display your wares somewhere – anywhere – people can interact with them. Feedback from actual people opens wonderfully surprising lines of thought.”


Are your pencil cups available for sale anywhere else I should mention besides crowdsupply? Or anything else we should mention in general?

“Crowdsupply.com is the best source to purchase a kit ready to go. I will also make the plans available, for free, here on Ponoko very soon.”

If you’d like to be featured for a future maker story get in touch with us via service@ponoko.com. We’re always looking to showcase the talent of our makers on our blog.

#HolidaySales Tip #9: A gift in time is worth nine


In our last blog, we saw the importance of getting your social media messaging right during the holiday season. But while words are important, as a retailer your gestures during the holiday season speak as much and as often about your business. And during this busy season, the most important gesture you need to extend to your customers is punctuality. Over the course of this blog, we’ll examine the simple tips and tricks you need to bear in mind to ensure everyone has a surprise waiting for them at the right time during the holidays.

Don’t promise what your courier can’t deliver


As a seller, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking as many orders as you can during the holiday season. But you have to consider this – every order you take is a promise you make to a trusting consumer. And if you fail to deliver on even one promise, you’ve ruined someone’s holiday gifting plans. Not just that, you’ve potentially set yourself up for a shellacking on social media because while all lapses in delivery are bad, having one during the holidays is especially intolerable.

But there is a way around this. If you keep customer expectations in check, you ensure they remain happy with your delivery schedules. Also, you need to find the cut off date for popular couriers like UPS and work backwards from that date when accepting orders. In most cases, the last day UPS will deliver a package is Christmas Eve, since Christmas Day is a holiday across services.

This means you need to have a store order deadline planned according to that date. You also need to take into account the mode of shipping – Ground, One Day, Two Day, Three Day and Next Day. To avoid any confusion and to ensure the onus of placing orders in time lies with the customer, you need to do two things:


  1. Ensure you word your cut off dates properly: Be extra specific in your cut off dates on your store and checkout pages. The format should be something like this – “Order by <day> on or before <time> to receive your order by <date> via <courier name>. When listing the time be sure to include all variations (EST/Central/Pacific) to avoid any miscommunication.
  2. List all the deadlines from your courier: While your store deadlines help you plan for stock and packaging at your end, listing the courier’s deadlines closes the loop on final delivery and ensures customers make the relevant choice depending on when they decide to place their order. For instance, here are some deadlines for UPS which you could incorporate into your site’s shopping page:
  • -December 17 – Last day to order items using Standard Ground Shipping.
  • -December 19 – Last day to order items using 3 Day Shipping.
  • -December 22 – Last day to order items using Two-Day Shipping.
  • -December 23 – Last day to order items (by 2pm) using One Day Shipping

It pays to keep USPS in mind too


While the option of courier may make perfect sense for many products in your range, there might be certain products, which just don’t need fancy packaging.

Also, in many cases the cost of shipping smaller items by courier actually increases the overall cost of the item, making it a bit prohibitive to order. And sometimes, when you just need to send a package across town or maybe even deliver it down the street, you don’t need a courier just to get it right.

For all these instances, you can (and should) safely rely on USPS. Not only are they a cheaper alternative across the U.S., but also may be able to bring down the overall cost of shipping for many items, thus making your product line-up even more appealing.

However just like UPS, there are deadlines you have to adhere to with USPS too. To make it easier for you, here’s a list, which you can republish on your site:

Mail-by Dates (Domestic Services)


Dec. 15 – Standard Post: Ground service for less-than-urgent deliveries and oversized packages.

Dec. 19 – First Class Mail: Service for standard-sized, single-piece envelopes and small packages weighing up to 13 ounces with delivery in 3 business days or less.

Dec. 21 – Priority Mail: Domestic service in 1, 2, or 3 business days based on where your package starts and where it’s being sent, variety of Flat Rate options.

Dec. 23 – Priority Mail Express: Fastest domestic service, guaranteed overnight scheduled delivery to most locations. Some restrictions and exceptions do apply. Also, please note Priority Mail Express postage refund eligibility is adjusted for shipments mailed Dec. 22 through Dec. 25.

While it’s unlikely you’ll use USPS to ship packages internationally, they do offer this service for the holidays. Here’s what the international shipping schedule looks like:

Mail-by Dates (International Services)

This handy chart shows you exactly how long your package will take to be delivered based on both the location and type of shipping being chosen. However, when mailing and shipping internationally, customers must also remember to follow the necessary customs guidelines.


International Mail Addressed To Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG)*** Priority Mail Express International™ (PMEI) Priority Mail International® (PMI) First-Class Package International Service™ (FCPIS)
Africa Dec-21 Dec-8 Dec-1 Dec-1
Asia/Pacific Rim Dec-19 Dec-15 Dec-8 Dec-8
Australia/New Zealand Dec-19 Dec-15 Dec-8 Dec-8
Canada Dec-22 Dec-17 Dec-11 Dec-8
Caribbean Dec-21 Dec-15 Dec-11 Dec-8
Central & South America Dec-21 Dec-11 Dec-1 Dec-1
Mexico Dec-22 Dec-15 Dec-8 Dec-8
Europe Dec-21 Dec-15 Dec-11 Dec-8
Middle East Dec-19 Dec-15 Dec-11 Dec-8

***GXG Notes: 1) Cut off date does not take into account time needed for customs clearance. 2) Should allocate extra transit day(s) for delivery outside major cities.

Stock up on supplies to make things easier


This may not sound like a shipping tip per se, but during the manic rush of the holiday season…every little bit matters. And any time you can save in the order-packing-shipping process can prove to be a real asset to your business.

Rather than scramble for packing supplies during the holiday rush, it’s a good idea to stock up on them ahead of time. As an added convenience, USPS offers a wide variety of shipping supplies in multiple sizes at local Post Offices and online on their website.

In fact, some supplies, such as Priority Mail products, can also be delivered to the sender free of charge. Shipping supplies available online and at local Post Offices include:

  • Priority Mail boxes: Complimentary with Priority Mail shipping service.
  • Priority Mail non-padded Envelopes: Complimentary with Priority Mail shipping service.
  • ReadyPost Boxes: Beginning at $4.29.
  • ReadyPost Bubble Mailers: beginning at $1.79.
  • ReadyPost Clear Packing Tape: $3.29.

In addition to being a time saving tactic, using the options available from USPS can hep bring down your shipping costs too. In our final part of this series, we’ll be looking at keeping customers informed on stock and new arrivals though the holidays, so that you can maximise sales this season.