Present your toy or game design at Chicago Toy & Game Week

And come out to Navy Pier for tons of fun.

Toys are some of the very first products a person interacts with in life. And games are some of the first concepts a person understands. They’re designed to encourage the development of minds and entertain tiny attention spans — no matter what your age.

Chicago Toy & Game Week runs November 14–18 and celebrates the joy of toys, the power of play, and the magic of invention.

Among the many events associated with ChiTAG, a highlight is the International Toy & Game Inventor and Industry Conference.

T&GCon gives toy and game creators/inventors the chance to present their designs to industry leaders.

For professionals, there will be lots of networking opportunities, info sessions, and exposure to inspiring new ideas. Register for T&GCon here.

If you’re not a toy designer or game maker, you can still have a blast playing at the Toy & Game Fair.

Visitors can play their favorite games and test out new ones that haven’t hit the market yet. There will also be a Star Wars Luncheon and a national pre-qualifier event for Settlers of Catan.

The fair is open to the public with tickets priced at $10 for adults and $50 for children ages 3-13.

Enter the Best of the Bay design showcase happening next week at Techshop

sponsored by Sunglass

A digital gallery of designs from the Bay Area will be on display at Techshop in San Francisco on October 17 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

“We will set up a table of fifteen computers, each featuring a different designer. Attending guests will be able to view and comment on the models as they wish,” explains event sponsor Sunglass.

If you are interested in having your work included in the showcase, you need to create a Sunglass project. Entry instructions are below, but feel free to email henry[at] with any questions.

1) Go to and sign up for a trial account.

2) Create a new project for the work you would like to showcase.

3) Upload your models/assembly into the project

4) Invite henry[at] to collaborate on the project

Beer and pizza will be provided by Sunglass, so get there early before it’s gone! But please RSVP on the facebook page.

Retune ‘creative technology conference’ to take place in Berlin, Oct 26-28

DIY art and technology unite


Germany’s ‘Create. Art and Technology’ conference is back for a second year. Organized by a brand new team, the conference is now known as Retune.

Designer Moritz Waldemeyer will keynote the conference, kicking off three days of talks and programs that will bring together hundreds of creative people from around the world.

Attendees will have a chance to interact with artists, hackers, designers, architects, and engineers – all passionate about their fields – in order to collaborate and exchange ideas.


One of the evenings will feature an “open source music night”, where musicians and DJs will play a concert using a range of open source hardware and software to get people dancing. Afterwards, the schematics and source code will all be open and available for people to remix and use in their own musical projects.

To register, or to view a complete program of events, visit the conference website here:

Derek Quenneville is a 3D printing evangelist who posts weekly on the Ponoko blog. Follow him on Twitter @techknight.

‘Making Things’ opens this Saturday in NYC at experimental retail shop STORY

And features lots of Ponoko-made products!

STORY is a different kind of retail shop that aims to support both commerce and the community. The 2000 square foot space in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood rotates merchandise based on a monthly theme and hosts various events that tie in.

STORY’s newest theme ‘Making Things’ opens this Saturday, October 6 at 11am and runs through October 28.

The new retail assortment will relate to the concept of Making Things, from products with a literal interpretation such as DIY kits to items with a more abstract relationship to the theme like ‘making memories’ or ‘making time’.

We were delighted to have five Ponokoans invited to sell their designs at STORY this month:


3D Printing Event on October 23 part of Dutch Design Week

Additive manufacturing in Eindhoven!

For all those who get excited about digital manufacturing, October 2012 is a great time to be in The Netherlands during Dutch Design Week.

Setting out to showcase just what is behind the fierce growth rate in the 3D printing industry, a series of linked activities will unfold under the banner of the 3D Printing Event.

Featuring an impressive collection of participants ranging from industry heavyweights through to noteworthy newcomers, the event will explore four identified trends:

• The established industry is not only introducing new professional 3d printers with more and more functionality, but has started to bring low end 3D printers as well.

• The open source community works hard to create 3d printers which can be used in personal and professional environments.

• The biggest bottleneck is still the 3D software for making great designs easily.

• 3D Printing services are playing a very important role in creating new business and new business opportunities.

Not only does the seminar series boast over thirty speakers, the accompanying exhibition is host to a display of 3D printing in its current and future formats and there is also a 3D printing design competition in collaboration with Grabcad. Enter your design for a chance to win a Leapfrog Creatr 3D printer!

Head over to the event website to register your attendance, and follow the latest event related news on their 3D printing blog.

3D Printing Event

Ponoko is proud to be a Media Partner of this year’s 3D Printing Event.

WIN free tickets to the Design for Manufacturing Summit in Brooklyn

Tweet this post with #DFMS

Ponoko is proud to be sponsoring this year’s Design for Manufacturing Summit taking place on Thursday, September 20th in Brooklyn, New York.

The event aims to “connect the worlds of digital startups and industrial manufacturing, bridged by CAD/CAM software, lean manufacturing and new approaches to product design and development.”

That’s right up our alley!

There will be panels on maker spaces, lean manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and the changing role of the industrial designer. And Ponoko CEO David ten Have will be one of the keynote speakers of the evening. (You can peep the full schedule here.)

We would love to see our friends and fans there, so we’re giving away 6 pairs of free tickets to the Design for Manufacturing Summit.

To enter, all you have to do is tweet this post with hashtag #dfms. Be sure to use the hashtag, because that’s how we’re tracking the entries.

Also, we really want to give tickets away to people who can actually attend the event. So if you’re not going to be in NYC on September 20, please resist the temptation to try and win.

Entries close at 3pm eastern time on Thursday, September 13. Winners will be selected at random and contacted that day.

If you don’t want to gamble on your chance to attend DFMS, you can grab a ticket now at 50% off. Full price tickets are $120, so you’d be saving $60!

Laser cut genius

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #92

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

Above is a laser cut da Vinci portrait on steel from Olivier Bacquet.

The race is still on to 200th follower on  TLC’s Facebook page and win a fabulous prize…

Also I’ll be taking in Chicago’s 10th annual Renegade Craft Fair – read on for info.

After the jump, The RCF, an elephant, some soldiers,  butterflies, badges, fish, and HAL… (more…)

Make magazine’s MakerCamp

Make magazine’s virtual maker camp!

Make magazine is currently hosting a free online DIY makercamp on their Google+ page. MakerCamp is aimed at teenagers, although it looks like there will be interesting projects for people who haven’t grown out of being a kid as well. Each weekday a new project video is posted on youtube packed with demonstrations, instructions and a list of materials. There has already been how to make compressed air rockets. This week’s features include making animated GIF images, sculpting with modeling clays and more. Make promises the series will emcompass the broad spectrum of maker projects. (more…)

Annual international fab lab conference coming to New Zealand in August

FAB8 NZ | August 22-28, 2012 | Massey University in Wellington, NZ

The 8th annual international fab lab conference — FAB8NZ — is coming to Wellington, New Zealand this year!

The seven-day event (August 22-28) will be hosted by The College of Creative Arts at Massey University and The Affect Research Centre with support from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

A highlight of the event will be the one day Public Academic Symposium on Digital Fabrication held on August 27. The speaker list is still growing but the current agenda confirms Alica Jackson of DARPA, Vik Oliver of RepRap, and Wellington’s own David ten Have of Ponoko.

Conference tracks are divided into four categories: Practices/Operations, Processes/Tutorials, Projects/Research, and Energy/Environment. Expect to learn things like:
• how to start your own fab lab
• how to make a circuit board
• the environmental and social impact of local manufacture & DIY
• introducing Maker skills to grade school students
• how to build your own 3D printer
• a lot more stuff!

Early Bird registration prices range from NZ$50 for students to attend the Symposium on Digital Fabrication to an all-events 7 day pass for NZ$450. (That’s kiwi money folks.)

Register now at the lowest rates, and start planning your New Zealand vacation.

Sculpture Exhibition in 3D Printed “Replicas”

Copying for art’s sake to encourage debate over copyrightWhisper Down the Lane concluded with a wrap up lecture just before the weekend, two days before its source exhibition – The Obstinate Object: Contemporary New Zealand Sculpture was due to finish, and while the last 3D printed piece was with the courier, hurriedly making its way down the country from the contributing RepRap machine.

Whisper Down The Lane is a referential art project by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith. It explores the ideas of digital fabrication with regard to copyright and reproduction issues in the world of art – a discussion that is very very slowly starting to creep out of the small tech-meets-art niche into the mainstream awareness.

Bronwyn’s project infiltrated Wellington City Gallery’s exhibition The Obstinate Object and sneakily positioned itself in a space of its own within the gallery rooms. The work is a series of 3D printed miniatures of The Obstinate Object exhibits, created with the agreement from the artists. While the 3D prints are clearly copied from specific art works, they are not intended to be exact replicas, nor are they all printed to the same scale. The miniatures are as much about communicating the digital fabrication process as they are about mimicking the general forms of the originals. The RepRap prints are constrained by the practicalities of the production method: size, material, colour and level of detail – elements that would be thoroughly considered in the original, full size works.The open source nature of the project is integral to the questions it raises – questions that we’ll be coming across more and more as digital fabrication becomes more commonplace.