Boston Dynamics Atlas Can Run, Jump, And Throw In Latest Demonstration

When it comes to bipedal robots, Boston Dynamics stands above the rest with its range of Atlas robots. These robots have been demonstrated to walk, run, jump, and even do backflips in sync with other Atlas robots. Now, Boston Dynamics has recently demonstrated a new set of skills in the form of lifting objects into place for walking on, and even throwing objects onto platforms to help those in the construction industry. What challenges do robotics face, what has Boston Dynamics demonstrated, and how will such skills help humans in the future?

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Hardware Business News

Boeing Awarded NASA Sustainable Aircraft Demonstrator Contract

Image Source – aero-mag

The aviation industry has seen extraordinary amounts of change since the first planes took to the skies, with jet engines replacing propellers, pressurised cabins allowing for high-altitude flights, and fly-by-wire systems that give engineers more control over systems than ever before. But one area that is starting to show concern is the environmental impact of planes, which is why the aerospace industry is now focusing its attention on green flights. Recently, NASA announced it has awarded a contract to Boeing to build a new generation of hyper-efficient airliners that will significantly reduce environmental damage. What challenges does the aviation industry face, what new designs will Boeing use, and what kind of efficiencies can we expect?

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Cyber-Crime Gangs’ Earnings Slide As Victims Refuse To Pay

Image Source – bbc

Of all the malware categories that exist, none are as profitable as ransomware. Once created, the ability to automated its deployment, generate keys, and accept payments allows for hackers to target victims at scale, potentially earning millions in a matter of days. But while ransomware has become exceedingly popular amongst hackers, the increased use of backup systems, cloud storage, and education are seeing more victims refusing to pay, thus seeing a sharp fall in ransomware payments. What challenges does ransomware present, why are victims less likely to pay, and could ransomware soon find itself redundant?

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New AI-Powered Farming Robot Covers 50 Acres Of Crops Per Day

Image Source – freethink

Agriculture is arguably humanities oldest industry dating back thousands of years and predating the bronze age, and since its founding, agriculture has undergone massive developments. But while many industries are turning to automation, agriculture is still predominately based on man-power, and the lack of intelligent tools sees large amounts of resources wasted. Recognising these challenges, a French start-up has demonstrated a new robotic system that it says can handle up to 50 acres of farmland per day, reducing the amount of water, herbicides, and pesticides needed. What challenges does the agriculture industry face, what does the new robotic system do, and how does it demonstrate the importance of automation in agriculture?

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Hardware Engineering News

Investigation Reveals The Presence Of Secret Devices In Government Vehicles

Image Source – notebookcheck

It’s well known that parts manufactured in China carry an element of risk in terms of quality, responsible material sourcing, and IP theft, but the rise of cybersecurity threats introduces new challenges to consumers. Recently, hidden Chinese devices have been found inside vehicles used by the government, which continues to demonstrate the dangers posed by foreign manufacturing. What challenges does Chinese hardware present, what exactly was found, and what does this mean for the future of technology sourced abroad?

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Start-Up Innovates With MEMS Technology For Portable Device Cooling

Image Source – electropages

Removing heat from electronic components is a critical aspect of modern electronics design as components that get too hot can fail. While heatsinks are large and fans are noisy, one start-up believes the future of heat removal lies in their recently developed MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) device. What challenges does heat dissipation present in portable devices, what has the start-up developed, and could this be a viable solution for future devices?

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New MIT Research Indicates That Automation Is Responsible For Income Inequality

Image Source –

There is no doubt that automation has led to many advances, but while automation helps to reduce the cost of products and increase manufacturing capabilities, it also has the negative effect of reducing employment opportunities. Recently, MIT researchers have examined historic data and discovered that the mass introduction of automation is one of the key reasons behind income inequality. What challenge does automation present, how has it affected income equality, and does this mean that the use of automation should be more carefully considered?

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Hardware R&D News

Printable Sensors Glow When They Detect Viruses Or Other Dangers

Image Source – futurity

Trying to control the spread of viruses and bacteria can be extremely challenging when considering the small size of pathogens, their resistances to environmental conditions, and that they are able to live on surfaces for long periods of time while showing no signs of existence. To help combat such challenge, researchers recently developed a printable sensor that is able to detect the presence of bacteria and viruses, and glows once activated. What challenge does disease control introduce, how does the new sensor work, and will such sensors become common place in wearable devices?

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A New Bronze-Steel Alloy Has Been Developed Thanks To 3D Printing

Image Source – 3dnatives

3D printing has many uses in the field of engineering, from rapid prototyping to small volume production, but one potential use for 3D printing that often doesn’t get much attention is material science. Recently, researchers have demonstrated a new bronze/steel allow that takes advantage of SLS 3D printing and mixed bronze and steel powders to create test parts with the new mix. What advantages does 3D printing present to engineers, what is the new alloy, and how could it be used in commercial parts?

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Open-Source Hardware News

Pioneering Apple Lisa Goes Open-Source Thanks To Computer History Museum

Image Source – arstechnica

Lisa Office System 3.1 dates back to April 1984 and was the Lisa equivalent of operating systems such as macOS and Windows. As part of the Apple Lisa’s 40th birthday celebrations, the Computer History Museum has released the source code for Lisa OS version 3.1 under an Apple Academic License Agreement. With Apple’s blessing, the Pascal source code is available for download from the CHM website after filling out a form. What made the Lisa such an iconic system, what does the source code look like, and could a modern version of the Lisa be manufactured today?

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