About Personal Factory

Welcome to the world’s easiest making system

What is Personal Factory?

Personal Factory is an online platform that lets you make stuff by turning digital design files into physical products using digital making technologies.

What are digital making technologies?

Digital making technologies are tools and techniques for creating physical objects from digital data.

Once used mostly for making prototypes, digital making is now advanced enough to create professional products.

Personal Factory lets you make things with 3D printing and laser cutting. Learn all about these digital making methods.

What materials can I use with digital making?

You can make stuff in a wide range materials like fabric, plastic, metal, leather, wood, and card.

We also offer tons of electronic components you can add to your design.
Take a look through our materials catalog.

Where is my stuff made?

Ponoko supports a global network of digital making hubs. Your stuff is made at whichever making hub you choose.

This way, people all over the world can use one easy system to create and order custom goods and have those goods produced locally.
Find a digital making hub near you!

This sounds awesome. Where do I get my own Personal Factory?

Personal Factory is free. Get yours now!

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