Share your good tidings to WIN a lasercut calendar!

Ponoko-made present for you.

Keep track of the new year with this handsome lasercut Digits Calendar designed by Dave Rollins of Use Your Digits (and video game controller ornament fame). We’re giving away FIVE of these flatpack calendars to you!

How to enter:
Just leave a good tiding in the comments. What’s a tiding? We didn’t know; we had to look it up, and it’s news.

So yeah, just leave some good news in the comments. Like your son got all As and one B, you landed a new job, finally got a date, or you’re that person from Missouri that won the lottery . Whatever it is, if it’s good, tell us, and you might WIN!

Giveaway details: Only one comment/entry per person. Contest closes December 13. Five winners will be selected at random. Prize is $35 value.

‘Making Things’ opens this Saturday in NYC at experimental retail shop STORY

And features lots of Ponoko-made products!

STORY is a different kind of retail shop that aims to support both commerce and the community. The 2000 square foot space in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood rotates merchandise based on a monthly theme and hosts various events that tie in.

STORY’s newest theme ‘Making Things’ opens this Saturday, October 6 at 11am and runs through October 28.

The new retail assortment will relate to the concept of Making Things, from products with a literal interpretation such as DIY kits to items with a more abstract relationship to the theme like ‘making memories’ or ‘making time’.

We were delighted to have five Ponokoans invited to sell their designs at STORY this month:


Ten Awesome DIY & Digitally Fabricated Toys

Best of the Blog 2010 — Toys

It’s playtime!

There is often a playful element to the way that DIY makers push the boundaries of both traditional and emerging technologies. Sometimes the designs are toys in their own right, while others may reference toys from popular culture. Either way, you can be sure that there is fun to be had both for the kids and for those who might be taking a little longer to ‘grow up’.

Take a look at our top ten from the Toy bin.


Top Ten Ponoko Designer Showrooms of 2010

Ponoko Showroom Extraordinaires

It’s the time of year for Top Tens!

The Ponoko blog team will be rolling out Best of the Blog posts throughout January, but I wanted to start our Top Tens off highlighting the most important thing at Ponoko — our awesome customers.

This is a Top Ten of Ponoko product designer heavy-weights and showroom extraordinaires — boys and girls who are rocking indie & digifab design. Without further ado and in ABC order…


‘Tis the Time to Order Holiday Ornaments!

make your own or support a Ponoko maker

Tree trimmin’ time is coming soon, and holiday ornaments are the perfect gift — whether you make them yourself or purchase a unique design from the Ponoko showroom.

Check out some of our favorite ornament designs below plus some design files which you can download for free. Or jump straight to our Make section, and make your own! But remember, whether you order from the showroom or upload your own design our holiday deadline is 28 November!

You may recall Dave Rollins aka Digits awesome video game controller ornaments. The Technabob blog loved them, saying “I’m hoping next year that Dave will make some matching console ornaments…”

Santa heard those wishes, and you can now get console ornaments in red, black, white, and killer blue acrylic! The full pack is $35, available HERE or find the split packs for just $20HERE.


Video Game Controller Bracelets

Ponoko Product of the Week

Remember those classic video game controller ornaments? Well, Digits designer Dave Rollins is revisiting his hit motif for his latest product: acrylic game controller bracelets. Even the links are made from lasercut acrylic.

Available now in the Ponoko Showroom for $35 in your choice of red tint, blue tint, black or white.

Digits and Things

Last year, Kristen Turner wrote about the design blogosphere positive response to Dave Rollins’ controller ornaments.  So how did it all happen for him?

Firstly, Dave Rollins is a US designer who really really likes reading blogs.  It’s probably how he came across Ponoko in the first place.

How did you used to make products before Ponoko?

I have a small shop in my garage.  If I ever wanted to tinker I’d head out there to build stuff by hand.  At my last design consultancy job we had a 3D printer that we used daily.  I think that really got me into the mindset of rapid-prototyping and micro manufacturing.

When did you start making with Ponoko and what type of products do you make?


Ponoko at Maker Faire 2010

Maker Faire 2010: Interview with Ponoko’s Dan Emery

vambit construction

What event to be a part of!  With over 600 makers and a constant stream of eager enthusiasts, Maker Faire Bay Area  2010 was full of fun and excitement.  Thanks to the efforts of Dan Emery and his gang, the Ponoko stand was a real hit with everyone from bright-eyed first timers through to seasoned makers.

One of the highlights had to have been the Vambit construction area (pictured above), where the public were invited to put together their own unique little lasercut critters.   To see the good natured jostling as people searched for just the right panels from trays of pre-cut components was a true testimony to the endearing toothy grin of Drownspire’s Vambits.

ponoko maker faire

The following interview with Dan should give you a few insights into what it was like not only at the Ponoko stand but also to be a part of the broader experience of Maker Faire 2010.

First things first, before we get to the serious questions… was it fun?
Yeah it was heaps of fun. There are so many cool projects, so much creativity that it is inspirational. The most incredible thing there is the super intelligent kids who are making stuff that I have no idea how to make. The next generation is exposed to so much cool stuff at these events, at an early age, that they will be unstoppable in the future. There are children making robotic fire breathing dragons!


Holiday Gift Picks from Ponoko


It is going to be 2010. Doesn’t that look crazy? Very futuristic. It’s the year that Lisa Simpson gets married and Mega Man is asked to save the world for the third time. If 2010 turns out to be anything like it looks typed out, we are in for some major action. Shopping happens to be a lot of people’s major actions. And this is how shopping is done in 2010:

Everyone will either make and design whatever it is they need or purchase it from an independent designer that combines hand-made and digitally fabricated techniques. Shopping will be done primarily online and occasionally at local fairs. Why not get a head start on the new m.o. and buy your holiday presents at the Ponoko showroom?! Ten great gifts and my predictions for 2010 after the jump.


Lasercut Controller Ornaments are a Hit

game console controls on a string


Digits aka Dave Rollins recently added an assortment of lasercut video game controller ornaments to his Ponoko showroom. The set includes seven system control ornaments, everything from the original NES to the Wii and the Dreamcast to the PS3. And from the blogsphere buzz, these iconic gaming shapes are evidently proving very popular.

Gamers Daily News waxes poetic about Dave’s design: “So why not take an extra step & decorate this year, with these awesome ornaments, shaped like gaming gear?”

Jesty Suggest puts these on their geek shopping list.

The Technabob blog is “absolutely in love” with them. “Buy a bunch and cover your whole tree. I’m hoping next year that Dave will make some matching console ornaments and maybe an Atari paddle controller or two.”

Geekologie will out tree-decorate Martha Stewart. “Alternatively, take your controllers from yesteryear and drape them around the tree like tinsel. Thread popcorn onto the cords for a real decorative touch.”

DVICE likes them too! “I mean, if you have a choice between a boring red ball ornament or a Dreamcast controller, are you seriously going for the ball? Let’s be reasonable here.”

Apartment Therapy’s Unplgged says: “the ornaments actually look cooler than the real thing.”

The Awesomer: 8 stars so far

Looks like it’s gonna be a good Christmas for Mr. Rollins.
Ornament assortment available in white, black, red, yellow, or clear acrylic for $25 from digits showroom.