How Monty Python increased sales by 23,000% in 3 months!!

The power of giving away your creativity for FREE


I know, I know! Giving away your designs for free sounds like a rort. But done properly, it’s a winner in more ways than you can imagine.

I’m going to begin this conversation with a few quick notes and you can make comments or just wait for the next installment.

Bottom line is that giving away your designs for free makes sound commercial sense – you can get many more people come and check out your stuff and you can make many more sales than normally possible.

But how do you make any money if you give it all away for free? And what about your copyright?

Well, for the moment, I’ll let you begin the journey of discovery by reading this (short version) and this (longer version).

In summary, the question you need to be asking yourself is not “should I give away designs for free?”, it’s “which designs should I give away for free and which designs/products do I charge for?”

More to come …

The Truth and Future of Design Copyright

There’s a lot of speculation on what is and what is to come of design copyright. How does copyright work? Why is it important? Will digital manufacturing spawn product design piracy? Should we give away our designs for free? How can we protect our creative work?  And what is the deal with big retailers stealing from independent artists and designers?

This five part article sheds some light on the truth and asks for discussion on the future of design copyright. (more…)