Starter Kit: SketchUp

Starter kit: SketchUp

This tutorial is for SketchUp version 8.0.3117

How to export a DAE design file using SketchUp

DAE designs are good for all 3D materials.

1. Orient Faces

Right click one of the faces on your model and select Orient Faces.

2. Open Export Dialogue

Choose File, Export, 3D Model...

and select COLLADA File (∗.dae) from the drop down menu:

3. Check the Export Settings

Click Options and make sure your settings match the image below:

4. Export to DAE

Save the file as a COLLADA(∗.dae)

You’re now ready to ...

Upload issues?

My file is too big

Your 3D design file must be less than 20mb. If it is not, you can make it smaller by reducing the number of vertices in your model.

I get a non-manifold mesh error, but I can’t find where it is

Try hiding larger faces so you can check your model from the inside out. Inside faces should be blue, and outside faces should be white. Check for extra faces or lines that shouldn’t be there.

Too hard?

Get in touch with us - and attach your design. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with a fix.


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