Starter Kit: Alibre

Starter kit: Alibre

This tutorial is for Alibre version 2011.

How to export a STL design file using Alibre

STL designs are good for all 3D materials.

1. Check the Export Settings

Choose Tools, Options, and under the File Types tab, ensure the STL Output settings match the image below:

2. Export to STL

Choose File, Export, and select STL file (*.stl) from the drop down menu, and save your file.

You’re now ready to...

Upload issues?

My file is too big

Your 3D design file must be less than 20mb. If it is not, go to Tools, Options, File types, STL Output settings and try increasing the Normal deviation or Surface deviation values. (This will reduce the resolution of your model so after you upload it, check that it looks okay in our online product visualization tool.)

Too hard?

Get in touch with us - and attach your design. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with a fix.



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