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cupofsea aka Leese Johnstone


Cup of Sea is lovingly poured and stirred by Leese, a lifelong designer and doodlebug. I like designing playful jewellery that catches the eye and pokes the imagination; fun, full of beans, and appealing. The natural world and the design world are the main triggers for my own imagination – particularly wildlife, the elements, religion, creative visuals and typography. I hope my accessories will make people take a second look, make them smile, and brighten their mood. Like visual candy! (Nom nom) Nothing makes me happier than when I'm doing something creative. I have a lot (a lot, a lot) of creative interests, which means I like to experiment in lots of different areas. (Some of those experiments do end up being of the mad scientist variety, but the fun is in the trying.) I'm interested in jewellery-making, graphic design, illustration, product design, sculpture, mosaics and stained glass, among (many) other things.

Lives in:

Anerley,Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Favourite materials:

acrylic, stainless steel, glue that sticks to your fingers

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 03 Jul, 09
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