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WeirdStranger aka Weird Stranger


Weird Strangers are rumored to live deep in the forests. Legend has it that these bizarre creatures used to roam the lands with humans and the other inhabitants of this planet, even that they were or are part human themselves. They were brightly colored, strange, and sometimes dangerous. But mostly they were friendly, fun, and exciting. They were often seen playing games, singing songs, hunting newts, or licking lint balls - until humans became less tolerant of their differences. As outcasts they were shunned in the cities, and hunted for their furs and horns. It's been so long since they've ventured into human lands that nobody seems to remember much about them - even if they ever existed at all. More recently, there have been sightings: strange furry creatures with stripes, spots, spikes, and horns. They seem to have taken a renewed interest in us. Are they still friendly, or do they have other plans. Apparently, they have noticed that something is happening to their world - to our planet. It is rumored that they have ventured from their magical lands to investigate. And that they have certain powers of stealth and secrecy. Because they no longer trust man to accept them as they are, they travel cloaked in ordinary objects. The walls around you, the rug beneath you, the chair that you are sitting on, any object at all could be harboring a Strangeling (as long as it's big enough). They can be spotted only as the move from object to object, or peek out to look at you or to listen closer. They are curious - some say that they are angry. It's not good to get Strangelings angry. Are they still friendly, or do they have other plans? What have they observed? What do they know? What could they be thinking? We best mind or neighbors and take care of their world. The best we can do for now is to compile what we know - which isn't much. We have put together some renderings as best we can gather from the sightings. We are looking for anybody with any more contact or information so that we can continue our research. Look ahead and you will catch a glimpse of the world of these Strangelings ...

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