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phone +49 176 76 488 04 e-mail Kopf_im_Sand@gmx.de date of birth 17.01.1983 in 49401 Damme nationality german education 1989 – 1993 elementary school 1993 – 1995 Orientierungsstufe 1995 – 2002 Gymnasium graduation 2002 Abitur artistic education since 1992 member of Atelier “Freystil“ civil service 2002 – 2003 University of applied sciences, Pforzheim, Industrial Design 2003 – 2008 Victoria University of Wellington, NZ 2007 languages german english spanish (2 years) tasks inside the university since 2004 elected member of the faculty council 2004 six month assistant of the Art department 2004 – 2005 member of the student union 2004 – 2005 elected member of the university senat internships 2000 Konrad Willenborg signs and graphic works 2003 Proceda rapid prototyping and model building www.proceda.de 2006 moxi ltd. studio for design in switzerland www.moxi.ch workshops 2004 Vitra Design workshop in Boisbuchet, France “private cell”conducted by ArikLevy 2004 and 2006 intern workshop in Civitella, Italy, topic “Macht – mal” and "chairs" 2004 and 2005 jewelry workshop, Ticino, Ashanti casting conducted by Johanna Dahm competitions 2004 winner of the european “sports inspired fashion” award participation 2004 intern competition PDA for Siemens, conducted by Designafairs, Munich 2005 “new walls please“ responsible for the competition is the German Design Council skills Adobe PS, AI, ID, some FL, MS Office, ProEngeneer Wildfire 2, Alias V.13, Solid Works basics

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all kinds of rapid prototyping materials and concrete for castings

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