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OPECoftheWest aka RoboToons Perko


I design robot parts and robot kits ... I draft RoboToons cartoons; http://www.brainless.org/RoboToons/

Lives in:

Las Vegas,United States

Favourite materials:

Plastic ... Recycled Plastic ... Molded Pulp ... Recycled Paper ... Aluminum ... Cardboard ... Recycled Cardboard boxes ...

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 23 Jan, 11
Currently selling: 0 products & 11 product plans
Giving away: 0 items

Comments about OPECoftheWest:

Walt says:

Learn to be a GEEK!
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PICAXE ┬ÁController Solutions
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Get the book and you get the code for this and other songs
My Master Dont Look Good Nakid ...

The 3D Printer parts come with the book as does the program and wiring diagrams ... see it at Amazon.com PICAXE ┬ÁController Solutions ...

Live Long & Suffer

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