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MartinWilliamDesign aka Martin Iwanowicz


I'm an engineer that likes to see more art in functionality. I've been designing stuff for as long as I can remember and have known since elementary school that I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer. I'm motivated by my everyday experiences and every design is motivated by a need or desire or just seeing a way to do something better. While I design in a variety of fields, there are a few things that I like and generally motivate me. - Complexity of design. I love the detail, care, and soul that is in a design with many details. - Durability and quality. I focus on achieving a high level of robustness to my designs. I do consider cost, but it stays in the back of my mind, right where it belongs. - Interactivity and personalization. One of my favorite things about hosting a party is waking up the next morning and seeing what people wrote on the white board, or how they rearranged figurines on a shelf. I try to imagine how that can be applied to other objects around the house and the things we interact with every day. How my designs can invite users to be creative and express themselves.


Hello and Welcome!

Lives in:

San Diego,United States

Favourite materials:

Stainless Steel, Brass/Copper/Bronze, Wood.

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 17 Nov, 12
Currently selling: 1 product & 0 product plans
Giving away: 0 items

Comments about MartinWilliamDesign:

Davis says:

Truly inspiring!

Added over 3 years ago. ( delete )

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