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Graduate Architect with special interest in objects' design and interiors' design. Stage and theatrical techniques' Designer (I mostly enjoy designing stages and lightning, but also learned about customs and make up/characterizations at Theatrical Design School in my country) I love travelling and consider myself a very curious person -I am always eager to learn something new!- . I had the opportunity to travell around the world with some collegues -when studying- for longer than a year (Some countries I've visited in that "around-the-world-experience": Japan, Nepal, China, India, Turkey, Greece, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Cuba and U.S.A.). After that, I continued travelling from time to time, and I've visited the U.S.A. many times-, Brazil -many times also- Argentina -I go there every month!- and Chile. I lived for some months in Berkeley and other towns around San Francisco Bay Area, California, U.S.A. I was born, raised and educated in Uruguay's capital city -Montevideo-, where I live and have my studio nowadays. Uruguay is a very small and beautiful country situated between Argentina and Brazil.

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Wood, MDF, cardboard, paper (love reciclying!). Would love to learn more about acrylic and styrene designing posibilities.

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