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ForbesGLaserArtistry aka Forbes Gilchrist


I am an electronics engineer with experience in wafer fabrication, chip and wire and SMD assembly. I have been involved in Lasd World Speed records and worked the Blueflame Rocket Car that set the speed record in 1970. 622.407 MPH. I worked for Motorola at the time. Shortly after I joined Zenith Radio in their super advanced R&D department. Thirty years later I sold the division that arose from that R&D effort and went to the RFID start-up that resulted. I also own ForbesG Laser Artistry in the Chicago area. I am also related to Braveheart and am a Taurus. A very good combination. My strengths are: Future, connectedness, activator, strategic and learner. ENTP/ENFP personality.


ForbesG Laser Artistry or FGLA, is open for business. Currently I am looking for Chicago area residents that need laser cutting or engraving. I can work from your designs or work with you to create one.
In the near future I will have a MakerBot Replicator, so this is an advance announcement also. I will work with your budget and price targets on most items. I am a garage shop, so don't expect a fancy shop in a fancy mall. Who needs that, today? Please contact me with any questions.



Lives in:

Des Plaines,United States

Favourite materials:

Wood, acrylic, glass and mirrors, foam core, cardboard and coated metals (Cermark)

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Joined: 13 Oct, 10
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