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CustomCreationsAustralia aka Adam Chapman


I have been an on-and-off designer for many years, focussing on using recycled materials combined with minimally used new elements. I have worked with plastic, cotton, wood, glass, metal (silver, copper and steel) leather, various clays (natural and polymer), natural plant materials, casting in wax and metal, cardboard and other found objects. My design/hand made range has included, musical instruments (stringed and blown), glass beads (lampwork), furniture (reused wood and road signs), leather (shoes and wallets), cardboard models, metal (silver rings and spoons, blacksmithed goods, knives, tin can whistles and baskets from wire), clothing (jackets from airplane blankets), smaller objects including wooden jewellery and head sculptures. I have also made a mixed media backgammon board using wood, felt, polymer clay, paper, handmade metal hinges and varnish. This was a great project I enjoy making things and I hope you enjoy the things I make utilising newer technologies and methodolgies.


Hi Ponoko People! Welcome to my store.. Please take a look at this initial item and tell me what projects you would like to see created. Remember, I can CUSTOM MAKE your design for you. Thank you. Adam Chapman.

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I especially like working with wood and metal, using different types of joins and methods to bring an agglomerated life to otherwise disconnected objects. My best example of this is in the making of various stringed musical instruments using broken instrument parts and new/reused woods.

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