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CrashTestDesign aka Andrew Stowell


I'm an mechanical engineering student that is always looking for a new project.

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Glasses are sold out! Unfortunately, I won't be making more anytime soon. but you can buy my design and have it cut yourself and make any changes you'd like! I recommend making them for a whole group, it is far to expensive to just get 1-2 cut. If you buy the plans I have no problem with people selling these the same as I was.

I will release plans for Simon's star glasses soon. I just have to clean up the plans.

Lives in:

York,United States

Favourite materials:

For laser cutting, acrylics are the best. Very nice cuts, great selection of colors and thickness. Strong enough for light duty parts. For machining, aluminum is the best choice most of the time. Lightweight and very strong, while still being cheap and easy to machine.

Ponoko experience:

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Nicholas says:

Oh wow did I really buy the last pair?

Added over 10 years ago. ( delete )

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