Showing FAQs

What's the difference between the Ponoko Showroom and my Showroom?

The Ponoko Showroom is the public area, where all the products and product plans that can be bought, sold or downloaded for free are on display.

My Showroom (in your Personal Factory) is the place where you manage all the products and product plans that you sell, show or give away. Only you can see this area and you have absolute control over what appears in it.

How do people find what I've put in my Showroom?

When you're adding a design to your Personal Factory, or when you're putting an item in your Showroom, we ask you to add tags. Tags are a simple way to categorize and identify items. In Ponoko, a tag consists of one or more words or phrases that describe your design. We use the tags you enter to fuel our search engine, so the more descriptive your tags are, the easier it is for people to find you (and your designs).

Can people find me in the Ponoko Showroom directly?

Yes, in two ways.

First, they can use a search tool—either Ponoko's search or a search engine such as Google—to look for you by name. (This is the name you enter when you sign up for My Ponoko). Once they've found you, they get taken to your Showroom.

Second, you can name your showroom—your name will appear as: www.ponoko.com/yourname. (You cannot have spaces, figures or punctuation makes in your name.) You can then send this URL to people you choose.

I've found my designs on someone else's website. What should I do?

Well, if you like it, maybe send an email to say thanks. If you don't, then read the next question.

I'd rather people didn't blog about my designs. How can I prevent that?

Here at Ponoko, we celebrate the fact that you can share your stuff with anyone, as anyone can with you. If you don't want the publicity, only add your designs to My designs and not to My showroom. That way, they remain completely private.

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