How to guides

Get our step-by-step how to guides and you'll be up and making in no time. To make it even easier, you can create your original masterpieces using free software.

How to create laser-cut jewelry for under $4, using free software

This guide shows you how to make some unique jewelry for less than $4 using free software and a ...

Using SketchUp with Ponoko

This guide shows you how to use Google SketchUp with Ponoko.

How to make a personalized jigsaw puzzle

How to make your very own personalized laser cut jigsaw puzzle using Ponoko.

How to make laser-cut jewelry for Valentine's Day

This guide shows you how to make some personalized laser cut jewelery - maybe for your Valentine ;)

How to make laser-cut Holiday decorations

This guide shows you how to make simple laser-cut decorations for the Holidays using Ponoko

How to make a laser cut lamp

A simple but stylish lamp that can be personalized with your own patterns and images.

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